GPS Tracking Puts Honesty to the Test

4 Oct 2017

Honesty is a thing that seems to be in short supply at times. One reporter put that belief to the test with the use of a personal GPS tracking device and a purse left in a few conspicuous places. What she discovered is that while there are some honest people in the world, there are still plenty of people who are, surprisingly, proudly dishonest.

The first video shows a lady robbing an elderly woman in a supermarket by grabbing her purse off her powered scooter while she was getting something off a shelf. Bold move and quite brazen, but this is something that happens all the time.

Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero decided to do an experiment of her own by leaving her purse vulnerable in a busy location. The first experiment takes place at The Original Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles and restores faith in humanity to a degree when a security officer for the market turns her purse into the lost and found with all items in tact.

The next part of the experiment didn’t go so well. She left her purse outside the Chinese Theatre near the Hollywood walk of fame where someone grabbed the wallet from inside the purse and ran, unfortunately, he also discovered the GPS tracker inside the wallet and left it behind while getting away with the wallet and the cash. Obviously, this guy doesn’t pass the truth test, but he never had an opportunity to explain his actions on camera.

For the final part of the experiment, she left her purse on top of her car parked in a busy Hollywood parking lot. Here, two ladies notice the purse, consider it, grab it and go. Guerrero followed them, thanks to the GPS tracker located inside the wallet, that allowed her to follow their route on her own mobile phone. She eventually confronted them and while they did give her purse, wallet, and cash back, but were completely unapologetic about taking it in the first place, claiming it wasn’t the right thing to do, but “nobody’s perfect.”

One thing the story doesn’t report is the precise number of people who may have noticed the purse and walked on, leaving it unmolested. However, it is a stark reminder of how important it is to protect the things that are important to us and how useful GPS tracking technology can be in aiding in the recovery of stolen items – especially with some of the more sophisticated GPS tracking devices that are available today.



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