GPS Tracking for Your On-Site Mobile Truck and Equipment Washing Fleet

14 Dec 2017

Mobile truck washing is big business in certain circles. However, your days can get busy quickly – especially during times of year when there is an abundant supply of road salt in the north or love bugs in the south.

With more trucking companies looking to create cleaner images to the world, mobile truck washing fleets have plenty of room for growth in the coming years. But, did you know that GPS fleet tracking can help you grow your business even faster? These are just a few great ways GPS can be used to help your truck and equipment washing fleet expand.

Plan More Efficient Routes

This alone can help your business make a lot more money that can be reinvested in expanding and growing your operations. When you plan routes that are more efficient, you can fit more customers into a day without increasing your expenses. This is great news for your business. More importantly, you might discover that more efficient routing plus the ability to monitor your drivers to ensure they stay on route (and aren’t wasting time taking care of personal business on your clock) may reduce or eliminate overtime altogether.

Improve Customer Service

When you’re working with other businesses in the same field, you have a tough audience to please. They know the struggles you face and expect you to overcome those obstacles to deliver superior customer service. Providing these customers with accurate appointment windows for their truck and equipment washing each and every time is one of the most important ways you can deliver superior customer service time and time again. GPS fleet tracking can help you with that by diverting your drivers away from traffic problems, finding the fastest routes, and planning routes that are more efficient throughout the day.

Dress to Impress by Going Green

Additionally, using GPS fleet tracking features can help your business go green – something fleets looking to offset their heavier carbon footprints will certainly appreciate. GPS fleet tracking tools can help your business reduce idling time, eliminate unnecessary paper, and reduce fuel costs. As an added bonus, your fleet tracking system can help you stay on top of routine maintenance to help reduce your emissions too.

Now is the perfect time to take your mobile truck and equipment washing business to the next level. GPS fleet tracking for your fleet can help you get there faster and for less money than you might think.

Do you own or operate an on-site mobile truck and equipment washing fleet? If so, give us a call here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more about how GPS fleet tracking could benefit your business.



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