GPS Tracking for Mosquito Control Fleets

2 Jul 2018

Mosquitoes pose a clear and present danger to human populations in cities large and small. Whether you’re operating a municipal mosquito control fleet or one that is privately owned and operated, you have a huge responsibility on your hands week after week to help reduce the risks for countless diseases spreading through mosquito infestations.

GPS tracking can help you optimize the performance and operation of your mosquito fleet while reducing costs and expenses. Here’s how.

Avoid Double Coverages or Coverage Gaps when Planning Routes

No matter how diligent you may be when planning routes by hand, you can’t always see all the moving pieces and parts in one place. Small side streets, new neighborhoods, etc. often get missed while busier, more widely traveled streets often get double or triple coverage.

GPS fleet tracking offers continuously updated maps and does see the entire picture, managing in a matter of seconds what can take painstaking hours to map out by hand without gaps or double coverages as well.

Ensures Drivers Follow Assigned Routes at Appropriate Speeds

This is not a job drivers can rush through and do thoroughly. It’s also not one that deals with route deviations well, or at all. When deviations from routes happen, neighborhoods get missed and mosquito populations find an opportunity to thrive.

GPS tracking notifies you instantly if drivers leave their prescribed routes and shows you exactly where they are at any given time during their routes thanks to tracking in real time. You can also set your GPS fleet tracking system to notify you whenever drivers exceed certain speeds (regardless of what speed limits are, some mosquito control trucks must travel below certain speeds to ensure thorough saturation of an area).

These notifications allow you to take appropriate corrective or disciplinary action and ensures you can go back and cover areas that may have been missed this way.

Reduce Fuel Costs by Planning Fuel-Efficient Routes

Even when you’re working to cover an entire town or community there are some routes that offer greater fuel efficiency than others. GPS tracking can help you maximize efficiency while ensuring that no street is left behind in coverage and mosquito control. This saves you money on fuel and may even reduce your labor costs.

GPS tracking for your mosquito control fleet vehicles can help your organization operate far more efficiently. See for yourself what an enormous difference it can make for your fleet today.

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