Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking Alerts

6 Jul 2016


Fleet managers can get an abundance of data to stay informed and monitor their operations through GPS fleet tracking systems. GPS tracking systems can send managers real-time alerts the minute any specified activity happens.

Whether you have an HVAC fleet, pests control fleet, or a carpet cleaning fleet, It’s the perfect way for you to monitor your fleets effectively and stay on top of the needs of your business. This type of system presents you with a huge advantage over your competitors who are not using GPS fleet tracking who are unable to get fleet information in real-time.

You will never have to miss out on the activities of your drivers when you can receive alerts live. They are helpful since it is a system where you can basically ‘set it and forget it’. For instance, you can have a text or email sent to you when one of your vehicles have been started up after hours or when one of your drivers are driving at excessive speeds. You can also set up alerts to notify you when it’s time for a piece of equipment to go in for maintenance, or when a driver goes outside a predefined boundary.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking Alerts

While there are many benefits of GPS fleet tracking alerts, here are three top benefits.

Maximize Security and Prevent Theft

You can now protect your fleet business assets from theft with real-time vehicle tracking and location detection. This includes having the ability to set up geographic zone settings for alerting you if one of your fleet vehicles or other pieces of equipment is outside designated zones. Every move of your assets can be tracked and with 24 hour asset retrieval service, your assets are secured round-the-clock.

Get Actionable Data to Measure What’s Important

Know exactly what is happening inside your fleet with this GPS tracking solution. You can now know how much fuel is being used, how often vehicles are traveling and how long the idle periods are. You get event and real-time location data, custom data reports, analysis dashboards and more which will allow you to pinpoint any inefficiency inside your fleet operations; cutting costs substantially.

Enhance Vehicle and Driver Safety

One of the top contributors of company costs are vehicle abuse and accidents. With GPS driver rankings and scorecards, data-rich safety dashboards and immediate event replay, you can measure the performance (good or bad) of your vehicles every mile they drive.

GPS fleet tracking alerts will help you to reduce the amounts of miles driven, enhance daily routes, and increase your bottom line. With real-time tracking, you now can have a system that works for you automatically enabling you to focus on other important business operations.

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