GPS Tracking for Inflatable Holiday Decorations

28 Nov 2019

Inflatable holiday decorations are used for a variety of holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. They bring good cheer to people who live in the homes they decorate as well as those who drive around and look at them.

They are an investment homeowners and renters alike make in the entertainment and delight of the community. They are also a fun way for you to flaunt your holiday good cheer. Unfortunately, as many homeowners are learning the hard way, they are also a tempting target for the occasional Grinch who likes to rob entire communities of their holiday joy.

Sometimes these real-life Grinches will target multiple homes within the same neighborhood robbing lawns of inflatable holiday decorations and more. But there are things you can do to fight back. One homeowner’s security camera recorded a neighbor’s decorations being stolen and one of the neighbors is fighting back by making her lawn a less attractive target by nailing down items that can be nailed down and installing GPS tracking devices inside her inflatable decorations.

How can GPS help?

While it won’t prevent inflatable holiday decorations from being taken by thieves, it will allow the stolen items to be tracked, in real time, making it easier to catch the thieves with the goods in hand and far more likely for homeowners to recover items that have been stolen from their lawns.

You can even set up alerts so that you will be notified, via text message, if your inflatables are moved outside a specific perimeter. Not only will this help you recover inflatables after being stolen, but it can also be instrumental in recovering those that may have been blown off after a storm. GPS tracking allows you to recover them quickly, by providing precise GPS coordinates, so that you may be able to get to them before they are damaged beyond repair.

Don’t let joyless Grinches rob you, your home, and your neighborhood of the wonder of the holidays. Protect your investment in holiday inflatables by making it difficult for thieves to quickly grab and run with your lawn decorations and by making those that can’t be nailed or weighted down trackable with the technology GPS tracking provides.


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