GPS Tracking for Ice Cream Trucks

6 Jun 2019

Everybody loves the ice cream truck. Especially when the dog days of summer kick in. Did you know that you can improve your route efficiency and increase your income with GPS tracking for food trucks? It’s true. GPS fleet tracking can help you get more money for your ice cream truck miles in the ways listed below, and many others.

Give Your Customers Advance Warning

You can let people on your ice cream truck routes follow the progress of your truck as it winds its way from one neighborhood to the next. While you might not think that will do much for your business, word tends to spread about ice cream truck arrivals. When people have advance notice by even 10 or 15 minutes that allows kids to tell their friends and neighbors to inform neighbors. This earns you extra customers without changing a single thing about your route.

Plan More Efficient Routes

Route efficiency for ice cream trucks isn’t always about the number of miles you put on the truck. More often than not, it’s about the amount of exposure you get along your route. GPS fleet tracking can help you identify dense pockets of population that are route adjacent so you can expand your market without adding too many miles to your daily routes.

Keep Drivers on Route

While all business owners want to believe their employees are honest and not taking care of personal business on company time, GPS tracking makes sure they’re being honest with you. This helps to eliminate wasted fuel, lost income opportunities, and unnecessary labor expenses for your organization.

Helps You Avoid Double Coverage

While you want to make sure you hit as many hot and hungry, ice cream loving people as possible on each daily route, you don’t want to hit the same real estate twice. This gives people an excuse to miss one or the other with the idea that another truck will be along later. You want your audience to anticipate your arrival and not take for granted that another truck will be by later. Also, you don’t want to waste the fuel and labor costs of double coverage unless it’s an especially high demand area where many of your daily sales are made.

Finally, GPS tracking can help you improve your record keeping about your daily mileage, inventory, and more. From these records you can discover important hot spots along your route and determine when the time may be right to add more trucks to your business.

Whether you have one or a fleet of ice cream trucks, GPS tracking can offer your business benefits. Give us a call here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more or peruse our extensive website, including our product inventory.

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