GPS Tracking for Your Harley

5 Jun 2017

A Harley may be  your symbol of freedom. Harley Davidson is synonymous with open roads, leather, chrome, and a powerful roar that men and women have dreamt of since they were young boys and girls. Motorcycles like these are investments and ones you don’t need to take lightly.

The wonderful thing about Harley is that it is more of a lifestyle than a simple machine. It doesn’t matter which of the Harley models you ride:

  • CVO
  • Dyna
  • Harley-Davidson Street
  • Softail
  • Sportster
  • Touring
  • V-Rod

Or even one of the many classic Harley models on the roads today, you are part of a certain culture when you ride a Harley – some might even call it a brotherhood (or sisterhood as the case may be).

Unfortunately, coveted motorcycles, like Harley Davidson motorcycles, old and new, are attractive targets for thieves. Some are out looking for a quick joy ride while others are in the market for a quick buck. Because you invest a lot of time, energy, money, and love into crafting your Harley for your unique preferences you want to protect your investment by doing some of the following things.

Customize Your Ride

This is not only a fun way to make your Harley truly your own, but it also makes your bike easily identifiable. The more unique your bike is, the more difficult it becomes for thieves to easily ride away on your bike. It also makes it easier to recover and identify as your own when you’ve customized your motorcycle – especially if you’ve taken photos of the process.

Use a Portable GPS Tracking Device

These devices are easy to install and can be used to track your motorcycle in the event that it is stolen. More importantly, GPS tracking devices can alert you whenever your motorcycle is being moved outside of your designated times so that you know immediately if it is stolen and can begin tracking right away – providing authorities with the exact location of your bike for faster, easier recovery.

Secure Your Harley Properly

Consider keeping it in a garage when parked at home – or at the very least covered. Make sure you store the keys away from your bike so that someone can’t easily hop on and ride off, and consider adding an additional layer of security by installing a hidden kill switch and/or an alarm.

The more steps you take to secure your investment in your Harley, including being able to quickly recover a stolen Harley with GPS tracking, the longer you will have to enjoy the freedom riding the open roads promises. These are great first steps to take and sound habits to create to protect your Harley.

To learn more about GPS tracking for your Harley, speak to one of our experts here at LiveViewGPS. 1-888-544-0494.



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