GPS Tracking Vs. GPS Navigation

30 Dec 2020

A common assumption individuals make when hearing the term GPS is that GPS navigation and GPS tracking are the same. But, even though they both utilize Global Positioning Satellites, they’re different services and devices.

What Is GPS Navigation?

With GPS navigation, it’s usually referred to using a device, built-in navigation system in your vehicle or an app to gain directions or find your way so you can get to your destination without getting lost. GPS navigation devices and apps receive data from GPS satellites based on data you input into them like a landmark or address you’re trying to reach.

A GPS navigation device will literally navigate you to the destination you want. Regardless of where you live worldwide, GPS navigation works. If you’re looking to get to a destination and aren’t sure how to get there, it’s a GPS navigation device you’re looking for to get you there.

What Is GPS Tracking?

With GPS tracking, a device receives GPS satellite data and then turns around and sends this data to a person who’s away from the device (sometimes hundreds of miles away). It can be hidden or hardwired into a vehicle. The data display can be an app on a smartphone or a piece of equipment in an office.

GPS tracking is primarily used for tracking where someone or something is. You can also use it for monitoring the health of a vehicle, too, like it’s fuel consumption. You can track a vehicle with GPS tracking and locate a vehicle if it’s not where it should be

Some of the uses for GPS tracking include:

Families can feel secure knowing their vehicles are being protected by GPS tracking. GPS tracking not only shows them the location where their stolen vehicle is, but it can also show them where a loved one is if there’s an emergency.

You can use GPS tracking in your teenager’s vehicle to see when they arrive and leave school or home and even monitor their driving behavior like speeding, harsh braking and other driving behaviors.

It’s a very remarkable device that both businesses and individuals can use and is very different from GPS navigation. Hopefully this cleared up any misunderstanding or confusion between the two types of devices.

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