GPS Tracking for Golf Course Mowers

26 Jun 2017

Golf course equipment, lawn mowers, especially, are an investment you make in the beauty and integrity of your golf course. It’s an investment that requires careful selection and protection. Not only can your golf course mowers be a target of thieves interested in off-loading expensive equipment, but also the target of people interested in joy rides as well.

GPS equipment tracking can help you get more mileage from your golf course mowers and so much more. These are just a few of the ways GPS asset tracking can help you protect your equipment investment.

Email or Text Message Alerts

You can generate email or text message alerts to let you know whenever your golf course mowers are activated after hours or leave a designated perimeter – some might refer to this as a type of geo-fencing. This allows you to know, instantly, if someone is using your equipment during hours when it shouldn’t be in use and if your mowers are taken off the site for use elsewhere.

Provide Exact GPS Location in the Event of Theft

Theft of expensive equipment is a big concern for golf course operators throughout the U.S. Prevention is always important, but GPS tracking allows you to take things one giant leap forward by assisting in the recovery of your costly expensive, like golf course mowers. With GPS tracking systems, you can inform law enforcement of the exact location of items that have been stolen.

Assists with Managing Maintenance

Maintenance is a huge issue with machinery that operates as frequently as golf course lawn mowers. Getting the right attention at the right time for your mowers can save a great deal of time, by avoiding costly breakdowns, and money, by extending the life of your mowers. This is great news for you – and your bottom line. GPS tracking can be used to create run time reports whenever the mower is used and automatically schedule maintenance for your equipment when the time comes. This is a huge benefit for your business as it is one less thing you need to track manually – allowing you to devote your human resources to other important tasks that directly benefit your members.

GPS tracking is a tool that provides many benefits when it comes to golf course mowers and other golf course equipment. GPS tracking for golf course mowers is only the beginning. There are countless ways your golf course can benefit from GPS tracking, mowers and equipment are excellent beginnings.

If you own or manage a golf course, contact us here at LiveViewGPS to learn more about protecting your mowers and other golf course equipment. 1-888-544-0494



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