GPS Tracking for Funeral Fleets

1 Nov 2017

Technology is king in most industries today. Technological advancements have netted a wealth of benefits to businesses across the board and GPS technologies are advancing at rapid rates. For funeral fleets this can mean big changes – for the better – in your future. These are just a few examples of how GPS tracking can benefit your funeral fleet.

Reduces Insurance Costs

Oddly enough, cars in funeral fleets are often targets for theft. GPS tracking helps you to track stolen vehicles in real time so you can share the information with law enforcement to facilitate the swift recovery of your vehicles. It also helps to serve as a deterrent for those who would take your vehicles.

Most thieves are looking for targets of convenience. GPS systems are yet another hurdle that must be overcome in order to take the vehicle from your funeral fleet. Insurance companies love it when you take steps like this to deter, prevent, and increase your odds of recovery. They reward your efforts with lower insurance premiums.

Ensures Accurate Navigation

Accuracy is important when leading a funeral procession through town – as is avoiding traffic congestion that could result in people getting lost on the way from the funeral home to the burial site.

If you enjoy thinking outside of the box and want to offer outstanding customer service to the families you serve, you could also offer to allow them access to the navigation and routes to the burial site so they don’t have to worry about falling in line with other vehicles in the process.

Encourages Safer Driving from Your Employees

Safety is critical on the roads today. Especially when you’re transporting precious cargo to its final resting place. Without GPS tracking you only know that things are going wrong on the roads when accidents happen or complaints are made. With GPS you can set your system to provide you with instant alerts when certain driving behaviors are exhibited, including things like speeding, swerving, hard braking, weaving in and out of traffic, and even diverting from the assigned route. This last one ensures that drivers aren’t taking care of personal business on company time.

As you can see, there are many benefits you can experience for your funeral fleet when you adopt the latest in GPS fleet tracking technology. This is in addition to planning routes that are more fuel efficient, reducing idling time, and having continuous access to the most up-to-date maps available.



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