GPS Tracking for Excavators

26 Feb 2018

Excavators are useful tools in a variety of situations. From brush cutting, to digging, mining, material handling, demolition, mulching, plowing snow, and countless other odd jobs depending on the specific type of excavator you own.

Unfortunately, these highly versatile tools are not exactly small investments. It is important to protect that investment in any way you can. Insurance is a great way to protect that investment, but so is GPS tracking. These are just a few benefits you might not have considered when it comes to installing and using GPS asset tracking for your excavators.

 Track Your Equipment

It’s important to know where your equipment is all the time. GPS tracking can help you locate various pieces of equipment, like excavators at any time of the day or night from your home computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can even set up virtual perimeters that let you know whenever your asset is moved outside a certain boundary by sending text messages or email alerts. That way, if thefts do occur, you are far more likely to locate your equipment fast and ensure it is returned to you.

 Monitor Idle Time

Not only can this help you make sure your workers are using the equipment when they are supposed to be, but when you use GPS equipment tracking for all your equipment and not just your excavators, you can better determine which equipment is a better investment (based on the frequency with which it is used).

Either way, you save money by staying on top of when your equipment is being used and determining which machinery gets more heavy use on which types of job sites.

For instance, using GPS tracking for mini excavator equipment may help you determine that you’re getting more use from that machinery than full size versions and you may be able to offload one or charge more for the use of the one that is less frequently needed as specialty equipment to justify its purchase.

 Plan More Efficient Routes

This is another way to help your company save money. The less time that is wasted moving or delivering excavators, the more money you save in fuel and labor costs. It’s a win for your business that reflects wonderfully for your bottom line.

When you use GPS tracking for excavators you won’t need to dig a financial hole to protect your investment. It will pay for itself in reduced labor and fuel costs, lower insurance premiums, and improved productivity.

To learn more about GPS tracking for excavators or its benefits for other equipment and powered assets, give us a call here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494.



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