GPS Tracking for Dog Walking Businesses

8 May 2019

Are you just getting started with your dog walking business and searching for opportunities to help you grow your reputation? Look no further than GPS tracking for dog walkers.

Really! It’s a great way to let dog owners know you’re handling their puppies responsibly and that their dogs are getting the exercise they require. More importantly for you, it’s a beautiful way to gain referrals that help you grow your business. These are just a few reasons why GPS tracking can make you the King or Queen of dog walking in your community.

Owners Can Follow Along

That is more important than you realize. With GPS tracking you can show dog owners the exact route you’ve taken with their pets allowing them to follow along from their mobile devices, laptops, etc.

Why does that matter?

It’s definitive proof that their dogs are going for a walk, how long the dogs have walked, the distance the dogs have walked, and at what time the walk concluded. For dog owners who have little time or energy after a long day of work to walk their dogs themselves, this will help to work off some of the dog’s abundant energy so they can relax together in the evening.

Additionally, it provides transparency in the process. Something that is gaining increasing traction among the public. We like transparency in business ― especially the service industry.

Allows Dog Walker to Quickly Recover Escape Artists

No matter how conscientious a dog walker happens to be, some dogs are bona fide escape artists. GPS tracking on the pup’s collar allows you to quickly locate and recover the missing canine so it can be returned safely to its owners. Without GPS tracking you could spend precious hours searching for the pup ― time that seriously cuts into your profits for the day.

Provide Ideas for New Paths

Sometimes, you need a change of scenery, even when walking the same dogs. GPS tracking helps you map out new terrain to discover while walking your pack of dogs, allowing you to get a fresh perspective and the puppies under your care to take in a whole new world of scents, humans, and other exciting things to explore along the way.

GPS tracking can help you transform your existing dog walking services or help you launch a brand new business in the dog walking world. These are just a few quick ways it can help you build your business and solidify your brand with happy dogs and satisfied dog-owning humans.

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