GPS Tracking Devices Leads to Stolen Truck and Over $100,000 in Construction Equipment

23 May 2018

Police officers in Baldwin County, Alabama recently recovered a stolen truck and thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment taken from Louisiana. According to police reports, the 2013 Chevy work truck was discovered in a very secluded area near Bay Minette. Police also caught up with two suspects who have been arrested for receiving stolen property.

This incredible feat was made possible thanks to the newest GPS tracking technology that guided police departments to the location of the stolen car. Typically, stolen goods that are transported across state borders are quickly broken down for parts, sold on the black market and lost to authorities. Criminals are usually very skilled at evading law enforcement agents, but new technology is making it even harder for them to get away with stolen merchandise.

Baldwin County Deputies learned about the stolen truck when officers from the Mobile Police Department called them. The Mobile Police had been attempting to track the stolen vehicle when they learned it was outfitted with a GPS tracking device. The GPS began pining a location near Bay Minette, so the officers alerted Baldwin County to respond.

Deputies quickly descended on the secluded scene where they discovered not only the stolen vehicle but also over $100,000 worth of construction equipment stolen from Louisiana.

Equipment stolen included a Caterpillar skid-steer, a Kubota mini-excavator and a 20-foot gooseneck trailer. Police learned that the suspects were already attempting to remove any identifiable features from the machines. The construction equipment’s VIN plates were already pried off.

As police continued to examine the nearby construction equipment, they were surprised when two men pulled up in a truck. The men immediately fled when they saw police officers in their secluded hideout. Baldwin Police pursued the suspects in a short vehicle chase and then arrested them for receiving stolen property.

One of the suspects had the key to the Kubota in his pocket, and the other suspect had methamphetamine in the vehicle. The two suspects have been identified as Freddie Sellers and Greg Holder, Jr. Police will be continuing the investigation in an attempt to find out if any other individuals are connected with this interstate crime.

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