GPS Tracking for Company Cars

14 Feb 2018

Many companies offer company cars to employees for a variety of reasons. Some consider them positional perks. Others offer them as a way to improve visibility and build their brands. Whatever reason your business offers company cars, GPS car tracking provides you with an attractive set of options for protecting that investment and making it pay off big for your business. These are just a few things you can use GPS vehicle tracking in company cars to accomplish.

Improve Customer Service

You better believe that when employees know they’re being closely monitored they are going to be more mindful of schedules, timeliness, rules, and regulations. If you have any doubt, think of how much slower traffic moves when there are police cars in the area. It may not even be a conscious move on your employees’ parts, but they will be far more attentive to moving things along for your customers if they know you can keep an eye on their progress remotely. This works no matter what business you’re in: sales, insurance, deliveries, etc. Customer service improves when GPS is used to track your drivers.

Encourages Safer Driving

If your company cars are branded, your drivers are representatives of your business every time they get behind the wheel. Without GPS tracking, you can only hope that they are driving right to safeguard your reputation and good image among other drivers. With GPS tracking, though, you can receive notifications when your drivers do things that jeopardize your image, like speeding, swerving, cutting people off, hard braking, etc. That allows you to deal with the situation promptly so that drivers understand this isn’t acceptable in your company vehicles.

Enhances Record Keeping

Not only is GPS tracking excellent for helping you keep better records related to mileage and fuel efficiency, but it can be instrumental in helping you to have more efficient record-keeping when it comes to things like billing, payroll, creating expense reports, and scheduling vehicle maintenance.

These benefits are, of course, in addition to the many benefits all businesses receive from GPS fleet tracking like maintenance scheduling, more efficient route planning, fuel conservation, reduced labor costs, lower auto insurance premiums, emergency rerouting for weather, traffic, and other emergencies; turn by turn directions for drivers, and countless other large and small benefits only GPS tracking can deliver.

GPS tracking can even be used to help drivers retrace their steps to find missing packages. What you need to know now, is when you’re going to incorporate GPS tracking into all your company cars?

If your company provides company cars to employees, call us here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 to talk about getting GPS tracking for your company cars.



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