GPS Tracking for Commercial Mowers

15 May 2018

Commercial mowers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some landscaping business owners invest in several different varieties of commercial mowers to meet the wide range of needs your customers have. You may have a stable of commercial mowers that includes:

  • Commercial walk-behind mowers.
  • Front mowers and wide area-mowers.
  • Zero-turn mowers.
  • Stand-on mowers.

Even among these different styles of mowers, there are differences in deck size, horsepower, quality, blade speeds, and brand that all factor into even greater varieties in price. No matter what you paid for your commercial mowers, it is important to protect that investment in numerous ways.

GPS equipment tracking is the perfect tool to help you do just that – in numerous ways. These are just a few of the top ways you can use GPS tracking to protect your investment in your mowers and the best interests of your business.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Insurance companies like it when consumers do their part to reduce risks. GPS tracking allows you to track your mowers, if they are stolen, in real time ensuring their prompt recovery and providing evidence in court to prosecute the thieves.

Track Route Progress

GPS tracking is a highly useful tool for your business that does double duty by offering protection from theft of your equipment. Once you assign routes for the day, you can track the progress by using the GPS on your mowers and other equipment. Not only will you have a good idea of how fast your crews are working, but also gain valuable insight on the feasibility of tackling new clients or taking on more work.

Provide Proof of Performance

In today’s age of contentious billing practices, GPS provides invaluable data that tells customers that your equipment was taken to their property, but also helps to determine the amount of time (and use) equipment had on their property. This is irrefutable evidence when it comes to billing and can help to generate goodwill with your customers.

Encourage Employees to Stay On Task and On Target

Employees often find it tempting to stray and take unscheduled breaks or take care of personal business while working on your clock and using up your fuel. GPS tracking for your mowers and equipment effectively ends all this. Using GPS can effectively reduce the following:

  • Fuel costs.
  • Labor costs.
  • Off book use of your equipment.

If you aren’t using GPS tracking for your mowers today, the big question is what’s kept you away so long and when shall you begin?  Call us at 1-888-544-0494 here at LiveViewGPS to learn more.

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