How GPS Tracking Benefits Rural Farmers

20 Mar 2018

gps tracking for farm equipment

Your farm is an investment in and of itself. As a rural farmer, you must devote some time and attention toward protecting that investment and securing your financial future. The tools you have that keep your farm operational throughout the year are not exactly inexpensive – nor are the livestock you invest heavily in. GPS tracking can help you protect your assets in more ways than you realize. These are a few prime examples of how GPS can benefit you and your rural farm.

Locate Equipment Quickly and Effortlessly

The more hands you have working on your farm, the more chances you have to lose track of equipment. While some equipment, may be easy to search for with a simple visual scan, depending on the size of your farm, it could take hours to locate smaller, but expensive or critical pieces of equipment. Whether you’re looking for tractors, balers, combines, or essential small tools for you farm, GPS tracking can help you locate farm equipment in a matter of seconds rather than wasting precious hours of daylight searching for them.

Notify You of Off-Hour Operation

Teenage joy riders and other mischief-makers are quick to abscond with tractors and other farm equipment as pranks and for other intents. When you have GPS tracking installed on your farm equipment, you can receive notification whenever they are started or moved after hours. This will allow you to quickly discover when your equipment is being stolen or tampered with and live tracking will aid law enforcement in the swift recovery of your essential farm equipment.

Track Farm Animals

When you tag your farm animals with GPS tracking, it is better than branding for helping to identify cattle and other livestock you own. More importantly, it allows you to track your animals in real time. This allows you to quickly know if animals have strayed from the herd so that you can locate them quickly before harm can happen. It also helps you to track the herding behaviors of your livestock so you can manage them better while also aiding in field rotation so you can reduce concerns over pollution and erosion.

Monitor Farm Hands

You can also use GPS tracking to monitor employees and farm hands to ensure they remain on task throughout the long days on the farm and to know if you have resources in a given area to assist with certain tasks.

The bottom line is that GPS can help you run a farm that is more efficient while reducing your costs and saving money by adopting GPS technology while discouraging the theft of your farm equipment at the same time. You have much to gain and little to lose by making GPS tracking an essential tool for your rural farm.



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