GPS Tracking for Bakeries

16 Oct 2023

In the fast-paced world of bakery operations, staying ahead of the competition requires more than just perfecting recipes and presentations. GPS tracking can bring a new level of efficiency and security to the entire bakery business – from equipment to delivery fleet. While commonly associated with vehicle navigation, GPS tracking offers a plethora of benefits that can transform the way bakeries operate.

Increase Security

Running a successful bakery involves investing in expensive equipment, ranging from convection ovens and commercial mixers to proofer ovens and dough slicers. The cumulative value of these assets makes them attractive targets for theft. GPS equipment tracking technology can provide comprehensive bakery equipment tracking and protection for your bakery equipment.

Imagine a vital piece of equipment is left behind at a client’s location or, worse, falls victim to theft. The financial consequences of replacing such equipment can be debilitating. With GPS tracking, real-time location data allows for quick retrieval of misplaced equipment or prompt law enforcement intervention in the event of theft. The integration of GPS tracking can alleviate the stress of equipment management, enabling bakery owners to focus on their core passion – crafting delectable baked goods.

Elevated Fleet Management

Timely and reliable deliveries are essential for every bakery business. Whether your bakery specializes in artisanal bread, decadent pastries, or custom cakes, the ability to monitor your delivery fleet and optimize routes is invaluable.


  • Route Optimization: GPS tracking makes finding the most efficient and safest route in real-time simple. Avoid traffic and always get from point A to point B without wasting time with GPS tracking.


  • Increase customer satisfaction: GPS tracking allows you to give customers accurate ETAs and avoid delays with route optimization, boosting customer satisfaction.


  • Decrease risk: GPS fleet tracking technology allows bakery owners to monitor drivers on the road, ensuring that they adhere to prescribed routes, avoid unnecessary risks, and maintain a consistent delivery schedule.


  • Improve driver accountability: With GPS tracking, owners and managers can oversee their vehicles’ movements throughout the day, ensuring drivers are fulfilling their responsibilities and never wasting company time running personal errands.
  • Reduce costs: By using GPS tracking, bakery owners can strategically plan routes that optimize time, fuel consumption, and labor resources – driving down operational costs while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Upgrade Your Bakery with GPS Tracking

Upgrade to your bakery with LiveView GPS tracking and reap the rewards of increased efficiency and cost savings. Browse our product line of GPS trackers and equipment trackers to find the perfect GPS tracker for your bakery today.




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