GPS Tracker Used to Bust Bank Robbers

13 Apr 2012

Bank robbers will need to think again if they think they can get away scot-free from robbing a bank — even if they’re wearing a Bill Clinton mask as a disguise.

That’s because more and more banks are beginning to use a high-tech device to entrap bank robbers. Here’s how it works:

A bank robber enters a bank, walks up to a bank teller, and demands money, either verbally or in a note. The bank teller complies with the request, but slips a high-tech GPS tracker device into the wad of money inside the bag.

Once the bank robber has the stolen cash-in-hand and proceeds to make his getaway, a bank representative activates the GPS tracking device. Police then can track, locate, and arrest the robber with the aid of the so-called “money tracker”.

Banks and law enforcement are rather mum on the details on the GPS tracker for fear that would-be bank robbers would figure out what to look for and remove it. However, what is known is that the GPS tracker device is so small that thieves would literally need to go through each stack of cash to find the money tracking device.

Instead of taking days, weeks, months, years — if ever — catching a bank robber and recovering the stolen money, these small GPS trackers are helping police catch robbers within 24 hours, and commonly within an hour. By leveraging technology and working together, financial institutions and law enforcement can track and catch bank robbers more quickly, while also increasing the odds of recovering the stolen money.

The tiny GPS tracker device is being used by banks in various parts of the country to catch bank robbers, including states such as Massachusetts and New York. With the success that has been seen so far on the device’s use in catching bank robbers, it’s likely that this tiny GPS tracking device will continue to assist law enforcement in catching criminals.



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