GPS Fleet Tracking for Holiday Tree Collection Crews

2 Jan 2019

Collecting trees in the days and weeks after Christmas can present quite the challenge of local holiday tree collection crews. After all, not everyone takes down their trees at the same time leaving some crews with fewer trees to remove on any given day and others with more. For this reason, and many more, GPS fleet tracking for holiday tree collection crews can prove beneficial. These are just a few ways GPS can help keep your tree collection efforts on track and on target.

Prevents Double Teaming Certain Areas

The last thing you need is the headache and hassle of two crews handling similar routes while missing some streets and neighborhoods altogether. Using GPS tracking to help plan the routes ensures that all areas requiring coverage on any given day have the coverage they need.

Aids in the Greening of Your Community

Since most communities today collect holiday trees to be recycled into compost, it makes sense that going green for the collection process is another step in the right direction. Using GPS tracking to plan routes for collecting holiday trees means you’re burning less fuel and saving water (which conserves trees). It’s a complete win for the planet, especially when the trees being collected are returned to enrich the soil.

Saves Your Business Money

Another reason, a very big reason, in fact, to consider GPS tracking for holiday tree collection crews is to help you save money. Cutting fuel costs, eliminating unnecessary idling, and keeping your crews on task and moving is a perfect way to keep more money in the pockets of your organization.

Allows Residents to Track Your Movements

Since many communities set aside a few specific dates each winter to collect these trees, residents may be nervous if they don’t have their trees out to the curb as early as they’d like. Using GPS tracking allows local residents to track the movements of your removal crews, so they can determine if they’ve missed their opportunities and need to make additional arrangements or if all is good for them and their desires to get rid of their holiday trees.

The bottom line is that GPS tracking offers many benefits to holiday tree removal crews from efficient routing, to saving money, and even to building good will in the community. You can accomplish all this while reducing your paperwork burden and maintaining accurate, up-to-the-minute electronic records of holiday tree collections throughout the community.

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