How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Help with Chip Shortages

9 Feb 2022

The global chip shortage is set to continue into 2022, most likely through at least mid-year 2022. As a result, the microchip shortage is causing delays in the production of vehicles — and is hurting truck fleets.

Fleets that are experiencing tough times due to rising costs of vehicles and the inaccessibility of them need to take great care of the vehicles they do have in their fleet and look to improve them to the best of their ability. One effective way to do this is to use GPS tracking.

How GPS Tracking Can Help

With GPS tracking vehicles all vehicles can be monitored to ensure they are having routine checkups and maintenance. Plus, vehicles with higher mileage can be monitored and used in different business functions that require less driving.

GPS tracking can also be used to monitor your drivers’ behaviors behind the wheel. It can help you identify any risky behavior like sharp turns, high accelerations, excessive idling, etc. This allows you to address the risky behavior and make sure all drivers know and understand the company’s safe driving policies and how some behaviors hinder proper maintenance of vehicles.

Furthermore, GPS tracking will help you monitor and optimize truck routes. GPS fleet tracking makes tracking your fleet’s routes easy, which makes it easier to find any faster and more fuel-efficient routes with all of the vehicles in your fleet. Also, if there is severe weather incoming or bad traffic ahead for your drivers, you can alert them and suggest alternate routes.


 As the demand for trucks and fleets has shot up with the chip shortage and vehicle shortage, the price for vehicles has risen sharply. For many fleets buying additional vehicles may be unrealistic or even impossible. Therefore, some businesses have turned to rental vehicles for temporary relief from the vehicle shortage.

Fleet owners may also turn to industry suppliers and vendors during these times, to see if there are any changes or any way that they can be supported during this time. Communication with people inside and outside the industry is key and may give you ideas on how to adapt during this difficult time.

Other than that the best option for you and your business is GPS fleet tracking. It will protect your vehicles with vehicle monitoring, providing you with alerts when checkups or maintenance is required. It will help you monitor driver behavior and monitor and optimize your truck routes so you can streamline your business.

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