How GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits Your K-12 School Bus Transportation

1 Oct 2018

GPS tracking for school buses is about so much more than creating more fuel-efficient bus routes. While that alone will make it worth the investment in most communities, GPS fleet tracking provides a wealth of other benefits you can’t ignore when it comes to school bus transportation for your K-12 school.

Monitors Driver Behaviors

As a  K-12 school manager or administrator, you have a lot on your plate when it comes to providing for the safety and security of children at all levels under your care. K-12 school administrators cannot personally be on every bus to make sure drivers are following traffic safety rules. You can, however, create GPS tattletales to inform you when they break certain safety rules like speeding, hard braking, etc.

Breaking these rules places children at risk and you need to address the problem promptly. GPS tracking can notify you instantly when these infractions occur, so you can address the problem right away. In many cases, the knowledge that driving behavior is being monitored is sufficient deterrence, which reduces the risks even more.

Keep Parents in the Loop

One of the most important benefits of adding GPS tracking to your school buses may be the opportunity it presents to keep parents in the loop. Not only can they track school bus progress to know when to have children ready in the morning or to be waiting to pick them up after school, but it can also be set to send out notifications or alerts to parents if there are delays from traffic, weather, etc.

GPS tracking provides parents with the tools they need to minimize their child’s exposure to heat, wind, rain, or cold while waiting on the bus in the mornings. It also offers parents peace of mind and prevents many, many phone calls to your office from frantic parents when buses are running five to ten minutes behind schedule.

Reduces Your School’s Carbon Footprint

Regardless of where you live, there is increasing awareness of the impact of things like school buses, burning fossil fuels, and emissions and their impacts on the planet. Improving routes to minimize idling and use less fuel in school buses is a great step forward for your school.

The benefits of GPS tracking for buses has to offer your school are many. They involve the safety of your students, the peace of mind of their parents, the planet and your K-12 school’s footprint upon it, as well as the expense involved in operating school buses each year.

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