About the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Rule

4 Jan 2017

In an effort to create a safer work environment for truck drivers and safer roads for everyone, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration established the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule, which requires that all trucks who are currently using paper logs or logging software transition to ELDs by December 18, 2017.

Those who are using Automatic On-Board Recording Devices to log the time drivers spend on the roads have until December 16, 2019 to comply with the ELD rule requiring them to install and use the appropriate devices by the deadlines states.

How Do ELDs Work?

ELDs synchronize with the vehicle engine so that they accurately record driving time for a perfect reflection of the number of hours drivers are actually spending behind the wheel. The purpose is to make the roads safer for everyone – especially the men and women who spend so much time each day driving these roads for the businesses they serve.

Benefits of ELDs

There are many benefits to fleet owners, owner operators, and drivers for using ELDs, not the least of which is the reduction of paperwork burdens that can be so problematic by those who are currently logging this information by hand. There’s no concern about information getting lost, misplaced, or chasing down drivers to get them to submit their logs in a timely manner.

The other benefit is that the information is accurately recorded. Because it is tied to the actual engine of the trucks, there are no skipped or missing entries to worry about. No time zone variations. No lost papers. No need fears related to fined stemming from paperwork problems.

Drivers benefit because it ensures they have adequate downtime between their shifts behind the wheel. This gives them an opportunity to rest, relax, and drive without the distraction of chronic sleep deprivation holding them back. It also reduces harassment by carriers towards drivers that has, in the past, goaded drivers into violating rules about driving when too tired to continue.

GPS fleet tracking offers an ideal solution for businesses making the transition to electronic logging devices as this is one of the important functions GPS tracking solutions provides. It is a solution that is simple to implement, and easy to operate once put into place – making it a cost-effective tool to help your fleet achieve compliance with these new electronic logging device regulations while allowing you to save money in other areas of your business at the same time.



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