Is Customer Service Important? Are You Calling Peggy?

27 Sep 2010

We think so and have to laugh everytime we see this commerical:


Not only is it funny, but in reality, it shows what many companies fail to realize, customer service is IMPORTANT – Every company should care about their clients…

Our Core Values And Company Philosophy:

We believe in conducting our business the old fashioned way, where a person’s word actually means something. We believe in “Doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether we did it or not”.

We believe in providing our clients with “more” in use value than what is given to us in cash value. We will provide products, services and support that are efficient, effective and exceed our client’s expectations.

We are not arrogant, nor do we treat others differently from how we would want to be treated. Instead, we carry ourselves with a quiet confidence; we believe that, in the long run, our character will speak for itself. No matter what happens, we are always respectful of everyone.

We believe in, “Not putting off things until tomorrow, which can be done today”. Working hard and putting in the extra effort to get things done. Operational excellence is a daily goal, looking for improvement in all that we do, making ourselves more efficient. We will never settle for “good enough”, because good is the enemy of great.

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