How to Combat Construction Equipment Theft

27 Jul 2016

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, up to one billion dollars worth of construction equipment and tools (forklifts, backhoes, generators, etc.) are stolen every year in the United States, with an estimated 90% of the thefts occurring at work sites. Between 1995 and 2001, this type of theft increased by 64%. This statistics prove that the theft of construction equipment is a national epidemic.

Tips for Reducing Construction Equipment Theft

Fortunately, there are several tactics that can be put into place to reduce theft. If you are a foreman, own a construction business, or work in the construction industry in any way, the following tips can help you minimize the potential theft of your construction equipment and tools:

  • Utilize GPS Tracking Devices. Global positioning tracking systems are an outstanding tool to help reduce the rate of construction equipment theft. GPS tracking devices  are attached to your large equipment, such as forklifts and backhoes, and can also be placed on smaller tools. These devices will allow you to monitor your equipment and tools at all hours of the day.
  • Label Equipment and Tools. Have the name and address of your company inscribed on your equipment and tools. Doing so will allow for the proper identification of your equipment, and will also deter thieves from stealing your equipment. If your equipment is inscribed, it is identifiable, making it less desirable.
  • Install New Ignition Systems. Ignition systems with chips or codes can help to reduce the theft of your construction vehicles. With these types of ignition systems, only people with the right keys or codes will be able to access your machinery, thus preventing theft.
  • Install Geofencing. Geofences are a beneficial theft deterrent on secluded jobsites. If a piece of equipment leaves the fenced area without being authorized to do so, you will receive an alert, which will allow you to alert the authorities.
  • Receive Alerts when Alarms are Activated. Aftermarket alarm systems can help in the prevention of theft, but these alarms aren’t useful if they can’t be heard, or if they are disabled. You can sync your alarm systems with your smartphone or with another GPS tracking system so that you will receive alerts when the alarm system is activated, or disabled.
  • Install Theft Recovery Devices. Install these devices on your equipment and tools and you will be able to easily recover anything that may be stolen. These devices tell you exactly where your stolen equipment and tools are located so that you can recover them with ease.
  • Install a Boot. Known as the “Denver Boot,” these boots can be placed onto any equipment that has tires, which will prevent it from being able to be moved from a job site, and thus will prevent theft of the equipment.

By implanting these tactics, you can reduce the theft of your construction equipment and tools, and the problems that come along with theft, including lost money and lost work.

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