The Benefits of Workplace GPS Tracking

28 Feb 2017

GPS tracking technology is a tool many businesses in several different industries can use to improve all around safety. Using GPS tracking devices in the workplace provides all these, very real, benefits to businesses and many, many more.

Locate Employees Quickly During Emergencies

In moments when seconds matter, employee tracking can save the lives of your people on the road. Whether they’ve been in an accident, are experiencing medical emergencies, or are facing perilous road conditions, the ability to pinpoint their precise locations and get help to them quickly is priceless.

Substantiate Employee Locations

The fact that GPS records the exact location of employees and how long they are in any location takes employee tracking to a whole new level for you as a business owner. It means that if customers dispute the time listed on their bills, you have verification of the precise times your employees were at the location in question.

It also means that you can verify that employees are where they are supposed to be and not going off-route or taking care of personal errands on company time. It’s a benefit for your business in many ways.

Improves Efficiency and Employee Accountability

Because employees know you can track their behavior behind the wheel, their locations at any times, and how long each job is taking; they are more inclined to operate at maximum efficiency so that they can effectively compete with other employees for promotions and to keep their jobs.

The benefits to your organization is better productivity from employees, fewer traffic violations, more responsible employee response times, less overtime, and the potential for lower insurance rates.

Reduction in Paperwork

One of the most exciting benefits GPS tracking has to offer companies that operate fleets is the reduction in paperwork GPS tracking and logging facilitates. It is painful chasing down drivers at the end of their trips to get all the necessary logs, documents, and paperwork. GPS systems can be used to generate these records automatically and send them to the appropriate employee within your organization.

These little things, combined with improved dispatch, saving money on fuel, and improving overall customer satisfaction add up to major improvements for the reputation and profitability of your business.

All you need to know now is why you haven’t made the investment in GPS technology so your business can enjoy the same benefits other businesses, including your competitors, enjoy today.



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