The Benefits of GPS Tracking for Small Equipment

5 Jul 2017

Small equipment for constructions businesses are often big assets. They represent significant investments and are costly to replace if stolen, which makes GPS tracking for equipment a real asset for  business owners. The truth is, though, that there are many more benefits to consider when it comes to using GPS tracking for small equipment, including these listed below.

Provides Real Time Tracking of Your Small Equipment

The great thing about GPS tracking is that it can be done in real time. Not only can you trace the route, but you can also see where the equipment is at any time through the day or night. If your equipment is missing, this allows you to locate it quickly and take the proper steps to get the equipment where it should be (either by alerting authorities or correcting misdirected equipment and resources).

Allows You to Set Alert Notifications

These notifications are particularly useful as they alert you whenever equipment leaves a designated perimeter. This allows you to look into the matter on the spot rather than waiting until the loss of the equipment has been discovered. That valuable time can mean the difference between recovering your equipment and filling out a lot of paperwork for both law enforcement and insurance companies. This can not only keep you informed about the theft of small equipment, but also notify you if employees are moonlighting with your equipment.

Delivers Peace of Mind

Peace of mind can translate to big dollars for your business. Not only in reassuring customers that you can keep track of the inventory you are transporting for them, helping you to land larger contracts and bring in bigger dollars, but also when it comes to insurance companies who are sharing your risks. GPS tracking on your small equipment helps you to reduce your risks of that equipment being stolen. It also increases the likelihood of it being recovered, undamaged, in the event that it is stolen. That’s a real win for them that they are often willing to reward you for in terms of lower insurance premiums.

A wide range of businesses can benefit from GPS small equipment tracking. From medical facilities to trucking fleets, to construction companies there are a plethora of useful and practical applications for GPS small equipment or asset tracking.

Knowing the many benefits that can come about as a result of GPS tracking, the only question remaining is when are you going to bring it into your business so you can reap the many rewards it has to offer?

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