Benefits of GPS Tracking for Railways

13 Jan 2021

The freight rail industry is one of the supply chain sectors that is keeping America moving as our nation fights COVID-19. Across the U.S., trains, running day and night, are delivering food, pet supplies, household goods, and more to our stores to keep our lives going as best as possible during this pandemic. And, rail operators have stepped up to this unprecedented challenge, with their hard work and dedication day in and day out, and we thank them for that.

GPS Tracking for Railways

GPS tracking for railways is changing the way railways operate today. It offers greater efficiency and control for railway cars and containers. You may even elect to use GPS asset tracking for valuable items in individual cars. This offers benefits that go beyond simple logistics and tracking. They help you provide customers with the ability to track their items in transit. These are just a few critical ways rail companies benefit from GPS tracking.

Monitor and Track Train Progress

One of the biggest benefits of GPS tracking is that it allows you and your customers to track the progress of the train in real time. This means people picking up passengers or companies waiting for precious cargo and supplies can know exactly when the train is slated to arrive so they can have the necessary people on hand for their needs. This also helps with loss prevention when using trackers on individual items by helping to locate items that may be missing from their intended locations.

Managing Railway Disasters

The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports there are nearly 2,000 train accidents each year with well over 1,300 of them resulting in derailments. These accidents are costly in the form of lives, reputation, repairs, injuries, and lost cargo. In some cases, they can be costly in their environmental impacts as well. Responding promptly in the aftermath of a railway accident is one of the most important things you can do to save lives and minimize environmental damage the accident may cause.

GPS tracking lets you know the precise location where the accident takes place so you can respond appropriately and promptly with rescue services, environmental protection services, and local law enforcement to manage the crisis effectively while minimizing loss of life and environmental impacts.

Monitor Engineer Speeds and Behaviors

Another way to benefit from GPS tracking for railways is to monitor how the men and women driving your drains are doing. Are they driving safely and abiding by the rules for safety, speed, acceleration, braking, etc.? You can set the parameters for notifications you receive when breaches of rules occur so you can address the issue immediately. It’s important to be confident that your drivers are following the rules essential for safety’s sake as well as the mechanical conditions of your trains. Your rules are in place for a reason and engineers who continuously fail to follow the rules are a liability to your organization. GPS tracking allows you to identify them so you can deal with them appropriately.

GPS tracking for railways is more essential today than ever before. Make sure your trains don’t leave the yard without it.

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