Are You Frustrated With Your Employee’s Work Habits?

2 Apr 2008

Do you have employees that you are having problems keeping track of while they are out on the road?  Do they use company cars?  Are you afraid that they are not being as productive as you think they should be?  If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then you really should invest in a GPS tracking system. 

Employee Productivity Suffering
Employee Productivity Suffering?

A GPS tracking system is a business savvy device that you can install on each vehicle that your company owns.  You can do this without any employee realizing that you have them in place because they are so small and very easy to install.  The GPS tracking device will allow you to keep track of exactly where employees are at all times while they are on the clock.  This is done by going onto a secure website system.  This system allows you to monitor exactly where employees are, how fast they are driving, and when they leave and arrive at a destination.  The other nice thing is that you can also be alerted when your employees have left a targeted area.  You will be able to monitor each employee and vehicle that you implement the GPS tracking device; and all from one web page.  There is no need to open up 5, 10 or 100 windows to keep track of each individual employee; you can monitor them all from one window. 

The GPS tracking system is an invaluable tool if you are worried about productivity.  With the click of the mouse, you will be able to see if your employee is being lazy and not doing what he is supposed to be doing on company time.  Another good thing about this is that if you suspect that your employee is moonlighting with a side job you will be able to monitor this as well.  You will be able to know exactly where the company vehicle is at all times, even when you are not on the web controlled system. You can check the activity of the GPS tracking device during the times when you were not physically in front of the system.  You will get a detailed history of exactly where the tracking device was. 

If you really want to make sure that your employees are being as productive as possible and that they are not out there moonlighting, then a GPS tracking system is a wise investment.  For pennies a day, you will be able to make sure that your employees are doing what they are supposed to be.  GPS tracking systems will not only give you peace of mind as a business owner, but it can also increase your revenues in the long run. 

Increase your companies revenues and bottom line!  Look at the RTV5 and AFM-6200 for your fleet management needs.

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