April: Distracted Driving Awareness Month

6 Apr 2022

Importance of Observing Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Did you know that distracted driving is the biggest reason for all vehicle collisions? Vehicle collisions can be dangerous, even fatal, and at the very least they are costly for everybody involved. Practicing distracted driver awareness means noticing ways you and other drivers may be distracted on the road and trying to reduce any distractions in the future. Many people may be unaware of the ways that they are driving distracted, possibly because they think it is benign or have been doing it for so long.

These are some common ways people drive distracted:

  • Using your mobile device: texting, scrolling through social media, googling something, and selecting music or podcasts to play are all ways that take our focus away from the road while we are driving. If you find yourself doing any of these, stop, and wait until you are parked or at a red light to use your cell phone. Also, you can try using voice features instead.
  • Eating: Eating is another common cause of distracted driving. When we are eating we are not focused on what’s in front of us. Plus, any spills can cause us to be even less focused on the road.
  • Talking to passengers: You may not know it, but talking to passengers can be a distraction too. If you are talking to any passengers, make sure that your eyes are fixed on the road and you’re not turning to speak to them.
  • Zoning out: Zoning out may make the time on the road pass quickly, but it means that you’re not thinking about what you’re doing or seeing on the road. If you zone out while you drive, make sure you get enough sleep before you drive and are awake.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month and Fleet Drivers

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motor vehicle crashes account for 24% of all fatal occupational injuries in the United States alone. This means that if you are a fleet driver, you may be at higher risk while on the clock than others. Therefore, the best way to ensure your safety is to make sure you are always focused on the road and never distracted. Not only could it save your life, but it could prevent you from harming others.

Tips to Prevent Distracted Driving

While it may sometimes be difficult to avoid distraction while on the road for many hours, we’ve compiled some tips for preventing distracted driving for fleet drivers:

  • Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. This means avoiding looking at your cellphone or food while you are driving. If you need to check your mobile device, wait until you can stop and check safely. Or if you’re hungry pull over at a truck stop or rest area.
  • Stay alert. While you’re driving you should always be alert and scan the road for any potential dangers. The best way to ensure you stay alert is by resting the night before and making sure your coffee is ready for you on the road.
  • Secure your gear. Dropping any gear while driving is always a pain. Not only will you want to reach down to get it, but it could even find its way behind the brake or accelerator, which could be a serious danger. Therefore, make sure your gear is stored properly and securely.
  • Use GPS fleet tracking. GPS fleet tracking is a safety strategy that fleet managers can incorporate to receive safety alerts, such as speeding and harsh braking, of their fleet drivers.


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