Anti-Theft Devices You Should Use for Your Car This Summer

15 Aug 2019

Summer is the perfect time for weekend road trips. Unfortunately, with more cars on the roads, the risks of theft and more are even greater. There are things you can do, though, that can help reduce your risks of having your car stolen during your summertime travels.

Steering Wheel Lock

This ingenious device makes your car far more difficult for thieves to take your car. It is essentially a device you mount onto the steering wheel and lock into place rendering the steering wheel unable to turn until the device is removed. While some ingenious thieves may be able to unlock the device, it takes time and calls attention to what they are doing. Two things thieves don’t like. For these reasons, it is a highly effective tool for preventing theft.

Ignition Kill Switches

This hidden gem can be installed in your car, out of plain sight. It functions by disabling your ignition switch so the car cannot start. A specific sequence of events must be taken to unlock the car once the kill switch is activated that thieves are not privy to, allowing only the owner to start the car.

Electronic Immobilizers

These work like a car security device. Once engaged the lock the car down so that the fuel system won’t engage so the car cannot start without the key which is activated by a unique RFID signal.

Tire Lock

Commonly used by law enforcement to impound vehicles in place due to unpaid parking tickets or illegal parking, the tire lock is a highly effective tool for frustrating thieves and eliminating theft attempts. It is available for commercial use as well and is one tool you might want to consider for your car theft prevention efforts if car theft is a major concern where you live, work, or travel.

GPS Tracking

While not necessarily an anti-theft device, GPS tracking for cars greatly improves the odds of your vehicle being recovered if it is stolen. This is especially the case if you use location alerts, designated sleep hours, and live tracking so that you know the location of your vehicle at all times and in all seasons.

These items can be instrumental in preventing car theft this summer, but not nearly as instrumental as your own parking practices. Park your car in a garage when possible so thieves don’t have the opportunity to steal it. Otherwise, park in well-lit, high-traffic locations thieves may find unattractive. There you have all the things you can do to discourage the theft of your car during your summer travels and closer to home.

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