Where the Animals Go by James Cheshire (Author), Oliver Uberti (Author): Book about Wildlife Tracking and Technology

9 Oct 2017

Over millennia, we have used science to track animals. Forensic science that traces things like feathers, footprints, and foliage to track animals was the beginning. The process has changed and technology is taking the lead when it comes to tracking animals thanks to GPS tracking and other technologies available to explorers and observers of nature today.

The book, Where the Animals Go, written by James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti illustrates just how vividly technology can be used to help explain where animals go and other essential details about the lives they lead, which are often unobserved by humans. It does so while at the same time raising awareness about the struggle of saving wildlife and wildlife habitats around the world.

What sets this book apart is that it isn’t just about where the animals go, but about what they do and the motives behind these actions and the various decisions animals make. It will question everything you think you know about animals while providing beautiful illustrations of the lives these beautiful creatures lead.

The book, which tracks wildlife using satellites, drones, cellular phone networks, camera traps, and accelerometers; allows you a unique glimpse into the private lives of otters, turtles, ants, pythons, wolves, storks, owls, baboons, sharks and more as they navigate through the world around them. The book explores these lives with maps, graphics, and four-color charts that combine to provide outstanding stories about these animals – bringing art and science together and in living color.

Garnering praise from the likes of National Geographic, NPR, Scientific Americans, Literary Review, and Dr. Jane Goodall; Where the Animals Go has won prestigious awards including Winner: Best Overall from the 2017 British Cartographic Society Awards (2017); Winner: The John C. Bartholomew Award for Thematic Mapping from the British Cartographic Society Awards (2017); and Winner: London Book Fair Innovation in Travel Publishing Award from the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards (2016).

Where the Animals go takes you on a journey that is both past and present, primal and futuristic. Most importantly, though, the story is one that bridges things as ancient as animal migration patterns with modern technology that explores the motivations behind these migrations with vivid imagery and impressive, data-driven, scientific detail at the same time.

Peek inside the book for yourself and see why it’s drawing such accolades from communities that celebrate science, technology, and art.



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