How Your Airport Shuttle Fleet Business Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

12 Apr 2017

Airport shuttle businesses face many challenges when it comes to increasing profits without sacrificing service. Unfortunately, many airport shuttle operators, feeling they’ve already selected the most efficient possible routes, rule out the potential benefits of GPS fleet tracking, like those listed below, that could save your business a great deal of money, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction.

Monitor and Alter Driver Behavior

Despite your best route planning, there is no guarantee that your drivers are following their prescribed routes unless you are using some type of system to monitor their routes. More than that, though, you have no way to tell how safely their driving – unless they’re racking up piles of speeding tickets – while they’re out of sight.

GPS fleet tracking changes all that – even going so far as to notify you by text alert or email if drivers go of course, speed, or engage in other specific risky behaviors behind the wheel. These bad behaviors can put your business on the line and risk your reputation – not to mention cost you money in terms of tickets, higher insurance rates, higher labor costs, loss of customers, and more.

Keep Vehicle Maintenance Up-to-Date

Vehicle maintenance is another key element that your GPS fleet tracking system can help you stay on top of. Keeping your vehicles in good running order helps them to last longer, saving you from purchasing newer vehicles, and creates less downtime and fewer schedule interruptions related to unexpected repairs – and saves your business a great deal of money by avoiding mechanically-related accidents and breakdowns.

Keeping up with maintenance also means that you’re planning ahead to accommodate maintenance tasks and schedules so it’s built into the schedule and doesn’t cause disruptions.

Eliminate or Greatly Reduce Route Deviations

GPS fleet tracking services allow you to receive notifications whenever one of your airport shuttle busses deviates from its intended routes. This allows you to respond instantly to determine if there’s a problem and get answers from your drivers. There are times when deviations are necessary. There are also occasions when drivers are using these deviations as excuses to take care of personal business in the midst of your business day. This costs you money and can upset the customers your shuttle busses are carrying to their destinations.

It’s the little things that make a big difference for your bottom line. All of these GPS fleet tracking benefits can help you cut costs, improve profits, and keep your customers happy.

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