9 Benefits of Using GPS Tracking in Law Enforcement

8 May 2018

GPS tracking for law enforcement offers many benefits. These are just a few benefits your department can expect to experience with GPS tracking.

  1. Surveillance

With the appropriate warrants, officers may attach a GPS tracker to suspect vehicles to assist in efforts to surveil the vehicle. This allows them to safely track the vehicle’s location when driving in traffic without forcing them to follow so closely, potentially giving themselves away.

  1. Covert Operations

GPS tracking can be used in covert operations to catch thieves. There have been numerous investigations of these types where GPS tracking is stashed in mail packages, farm equipment, and even ATM machines to assist in apprehending people who steal these items. It can be instrumental in identifying and breaking up theft rings.

  1. Investigations

GPS information can be used to establish the whereabouts of suspects in crimes at the times when crimes occurred.

  1. Dispatching Officers

In emergencies, seconds matter. GPS can be instrumental in identifying the nearest officers, quickly, so they can be dispatched immediately to the emergency taking place.

  1. Sting Operations

As mentioned above with covert operations, GPS tracking can be used during sting operations to provide precise location information on the items, people, and/or equipment in question.

  1. Tracking Down Stolen Objects

Many items thieves frequently target come equipped with GPS tracking. Some owners add GPS tracking after-the-fact, so they have an added layer of security. Law enforcement can use the tracking data and location information to quickly recover stolen items.

  1. Tracking Suspects

With appropriate warrants and circumstances, GPS tracking for people under house arrest or one parole, for instance, law enforcement can literally use GPS to track their suspects.

  1. High-Speed Chases

During high-speed chases, safety is an increasing concern. Not just for law enforcement, but for other people on the roads as well. GPS can be used in two ways in this instance. One, to disable GPS enabled vehicles criminals are fleeing in. Two, thanks to GPS tracking integration using your existing MDT/Vehicle Laptop, you can use GPS to track the fleeing vehicles easier and coordinate with other law enforcement officers and agencies to box the fleeing vehicle in.

  1. Evidence Gathering

GPS data from mobile phones, vehicles, etc. is highly useful in establishing the locations of suspects, ruling out potential suspects, and zeroing in on potential perpetrators. GPS provides a great deal of data that can be used in investigating traffic accidents, hit and run incidents, and various other crimes as well.

One final, and critically important way law enforcement can use GPS tracking is to identify the precise geographic location of each officer at all times. When officers are injured in the line of duty, the ability to locate them and render aid promptly is essential. GPS can help with that.

The more you learn about GPS tracking and the potential benefits it offers law enforcement, the faster you will realize the benefits it has to offer your department. It doesn’t matter how large or small your department is, GPS tracking offers many potential benefits to all law enforcement agencies.

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