7 Safety Tips for New RV Owners

20 May 2020

National Parks are beginning to reopen and your thoughts may be turning to getting out in nature for adventure, solace or quality family time. And, if you’ve found and purchased the perfect RV, it’s time to make sure you have all the essentials onboard to protect your RV investment, yourself, and your family while traveling in this big beautiful new machine. Here are seven safety tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

  1. Get GPS tracking. GPS tracking for RVs is one of the most important investments you can make to keep you and your passengers on the right track and to protect your investment if someone attempts to abscond with your pretty new toy. It may even help you reduce your insurance costs when traveling in your RV.
  2. Consider RV driving classes. Most people don’t have a lot of experience driving vehicles the size of the average RV. This means you might need a few primers and some guidance before getting behind the wheel for a long trek in your new RV.
  3. Get RV insurance. You need specific insurance for your RV. Because it is a street legal vehicle, you also need liability insurance. Talk to your insurance agent about the size and type of RV you have, and what kind of insurance you need to protect you and your family from lawsuits should anything go wrong in the course of your travels.
  4. Have a mechanical checkup. This is most important when purchasing a used RV rather than a new one, though it is never a bad idea to consider. You especially want to do this before making your first big trip in your RV so that you’re aware of potential problems and not caught by surprise when they occur.
  5. Research campgrounds before staying. This is particularly important when traveling with your family. You don’t want to put them at risk by stropping at an unsafe campground. Even if you have verified the safety of a particular campground, be mindful of safety and the people around you.
  6. Take Your RV on a test run close to home before planning a long journey. We understand. You purchased your RV with dreams of life on the open road in mind. However, you don’t want to run the risk of becoming stranded far from home if not necessary.
  7. Keep within recommended weight limits. This is more important than many people realize. Exceeding weight limits can cause strain on your RV, including the tires, the towing mechanism, and more. Pay attention to the weight limit and avoid unnecessary strain that could result in expensive repairs or dangerous driving conditions.

Managing the safety may be one of the least exciting aspects of RV ownership, however, it makes all your other exciting plans possible.

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