6 Ways to Improve Your Customer’s Holiday Shipping Experience

6 Dec 2018

Tis the season for holiday shipping. For businesses, that means increased packages that need to be delivered to customers across the city and around the world. Taking better care of your customers, to ensure they have a positive holiday shipping experience, can help your business far beyond the holiday shipping season. These tips can help.

  1. Provide customers with an estimated delivery date. Make sure you offer an accurate date based on the inventory you have available and the estimated time it takes to ship (providing some extra time for the busy holiday season and what that means for shipping as well).
  2. Give customers multiple shipping options. Putting some of the power over shipping in the hands of your customers helps them feel as though they have some control over their shipping choices and when their packages will arrive. Some are willing to pay more for faster delivery and guaranteed arrivals before the big day.
  3. Offer SMS updates. Give your customers the peace of mind that comes with SMS updates related to the shipping of their packages. When customers can follow their packages from location to location and ask questions when things go wrong, it helps them feel less helpless when the package doesn’t arrive as expected. It’s a simple service you can offer your customers are sure to appreciate. Plus, it helps you keep your customers informed which is extremely important.
  4. Use GPS fleet tracking. Using GPS fleet tracking for your delivery services not only allows you to know where your packages are, but it also allows customers to follow their packages right to their doorsteps. That way, if they have valuable items en route, they can plan to be home to receive those items rather than risking them being targeted by thieves from their front porches.
  5. Incentivize delivery drivers. One thing you can do to ensure prompt delivery of packages is to offer incentives to your drivers for achieving certain metrics. While you don’t want to run the risk of drivers behaving dangerously behind the wheel, you do want to make the targets aggressive but achievable.
  6. Communicate with your customers at every turn. Communication is the most important part of the equation if you’re attempting to up your shipping game during busy seasons, like the holiday season. Notify your customers immediately if delays are expected and be honest with them in discussing how these developments might affect their holiday giving.

You have it within your power to improve your customer’s holiday shipping experience. Following these steps can help.

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