55 percent of Business Travellers A-OK with GPS Tracking

11 Sep 2018

A comprehensive study published in 2018 by the US Business Traveler and Travel Policy report examined how business travelers in the country feel about corporate travel. The study included questions about corporate traveler’s experiences, conveniences, methods of transportation and their organization’s travel policies.

Overall, the group found some interesting trends and statistics. Surprisingly, nearly 55 percent of travelers will pay out-of-pocket for conveniences like upgrades, WIFI, rental cars or hotel rooms.

Saving money was reported to be the most important factor when choosing an airline in only about 12 percent of all cases. Instead, the airline’s schedule was the most important factor for about 29 percent of travelers.

Another interesting finding was that about 55 percent of all business travelers would agree with an employer’s use of GPS tracking while they are away on a business trip. Many of the 45 percent who disagreed with such a tactic argued that GPS tracking devices could result in personal privacy violations. Incredibly, 69 percent of travelers reported that they always comply with corporate policies, and 26 percent said they comply frequently. It’s possible that the corporate traveler’s overall willingness to follow the rules is one reason why they wouldn’t be bothered by a tracking policy by their company.

An overwhelming 83 percent confirmed that business travel was something they personally enjoyed, and they considered their travels a “perk” of their job. Nearly 90 percent of travelers agreed that their company was understanding and sympathetic towards the effects of business travel on the traveler’s personal life.

The implications of these findings are clear. Trends reveal that most corporate travelers are highly compliant with their company’s policies, and companies reciprocate by remaining sympathetic to traveler’s needs and personal life.

This beneficial and seemingly positive relationship suggests that location tracking devices could be implemented with little pushback. Employers should create focus groups with corporate travelers to go into more detail about the specifics of such technology and brainstorm on how privacy concerns can be eased for those who are hesitant about tracking technology.

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