5 Ways GPS Fleet Tracking Can Improve Your Business in 2017

2 Jan 2017

The year 2016 is closed and businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking to 2017 for areas where changes and improvements can be made. These are five small ways you can improve your business for big results in 2017 – courtesy of GPS fleet tracking technology.

1) Allows you to Monitor Driver Behavior More Closely

Drivers are a reflection on your company and bad driver behaviors put your reputation, your drivers, your vehicles, and the cargo they are carrying at risk. It wasn’t that long ago that your best opportunity to find out if your drivers were behaving irresponsibly behind the wheel was to leave it up to citizens to call 1-800 numbers to report bad driving or the number of traffic tickets coming in.

GPS tracking allows you to not only monitor driver behavior, but also to set up alerts to notify you when drivers are speeding, swerving, and displaying otherwise aggressive driving actions. You can also print out reports and use these reports as the basis for reprimands and promotions according to how drivers behave behind the wheel.

2) Extends the Life of Fleet Vehicles

GPS fleet tracking can also help you stay on top of routine maintenance. This can help you keep your vehicles running in tip-top shape – reducing the risks of breakdowns and maintenance-related accidents, and extending the usefulness of your vehicles by months, if not years. Over time, this can save your business a great deal of money.

3) Improves Route Efficiency

By creating more efficient routes for your drivers, GPS tracking can help to reduce idle time, avoid high traffic congestion, reduce route redundancies, and save your organization a great deal of money in fuel, labor, overtime pay, and more.

4) Motivates Employee Productivity

Because employees know they are being monitored, geographically, they have additional motivation to be productive on the job. This allows them to finish jobs faster and move on to the next one in an efficient manner. This reduces your labor and the need for overtime while also discouraging drivers from taking care of personal errands and business while operating on your company dime – something that is nearly impossible to determine without the assistance of GPS tracking for your fleet.

5) Provides More Responsive Customer Service

The one thing customers prize above all else is prompt service. The second thing would be a precise appointment window for that service. They want you to arrive quickly to correct their problems and they want you to be there when you promise. GPS fleet tracking allows you to do both beautifully – creating happier customers and building stronger relationships with your customers.

2017 looms large and full of promise for businesses today. Now is the time to set the stage for massive improvements in the coming year that will boost your business for the coming year like GPS fleet tracking services.

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