5 Ways GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits Employees

22 Jun 2016

Employers aren’t the only ones who benefit from GPS fleet tracking technology. In fact, employees have a lot to gain by working in businesses that use this technology. These are just a few of the benefits GPS tracking services bring to the table for your employees.

1) Improved Safety for Drivers

One great thing about GPS fleet tracking is that it encourages businesses to revisit their safety protocols for their drivers – and enforce them. While some drivers may initially view this as invasive, the overriding goal is to make the work environment safer for all. GPS fleet tracking can be set to notify the company of erratic driving, speeding, aggressive driving, and harsh braking.

These aren’t the only ways by which GPS fleet tracking improves safety for drivers. It is also instrumental in helping to maintain vehicle safety by notifying and even scheduling routine maintenance. This keeps trucks in great shape.

2) Eases Record Keeping Burden on Drivers

If you ask any driver what the least favorite aspect of his or her job happens to be, your likely answer is record and log keeping. GPS fleet tracking does all this for the drivers. This takes the pain out of the job for them, which is always a plus. An added bonus is that the GPS location aspect of the record keeping process provides a verifiable proof of location when false accusations are levied against them.

3) Provides More Accurate Dispatch

There is little more frustrating to employees than dispatch that has them running around in circles. Cities are growing more rapidly than maps can keep up with. New addresses for deliveries, new roads, road closings, and countless other things that can become logistical nightmares for drivers. GPS fleet tracking systems are continuously updated to account for new addresses and growing cities. Additionally, you can elect to have up-to-date traffic rerouting and weather notifications as they affect your business. You may even choose to use GPS to provide more efficient routing for drivers throughout the day.

4) Presents Greater Earning Potential for Employees

GPS fleet tracking reduces fuel costs, increases driver efficiency, grows businesses, and increases profits all around. This results in greater customer satisfaction and better earning potential for your employees. There’s nothing at all negative about that.

5) Increases Job Security

Growing businesses aren’t likely to go out of business. Employees who follow the protocols are very likely to have job security as the business is more profitable. Profitable businesses are also more likely to pay higher wages and provide better benefits to employees which makes them all around better places to work.

These reasons are only the beginning. The truth is that there are many more great reasons employees benefit from GPS fleet tracking. You’ll only fully understand once you see it for yourself though. Now is the perfect time to give GPS fleet tracking a try.



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