5 Benefits of Fleet Route Planning

11 Feb 2015

Upkeep, fuel, and driver pay for your fleet of business vehicles are expensive. When you plan the routes, you reduce costs and speed delivery times. GPS, or global positioning system, tracking devices help you pick routes in the most optimal way possible, allowing you to manage your fleet of vehicles more efficiently.

Here are a look at five key ways you can benefit by using GPS fleet tracking for your scheduling management.

#1. Pick the best route.

Making use of cloud technology and advanced devices, managers now get real-time scheduling and route planning data. The current status of a worker or truck is available instantly, letting a manager make adjustments moment-to-moment. Even at commuter rush hour, it is easy to choose the most optimal route.

GPS technology offers advanced geo-location, 3D mapping and telematics that let dispatchers plan journeys to save gas, reduce wear and tear and speed delivery times

#2. Schedule drivers efficiently.

It is simple to pick the right driver for the right route by analyzing data available from GPS tracking. Managers can use a driver’s smartphone with tracking software to get a wide range of mobile data. This includes keeping track of where an employee is and how long he has been there. Managers can easily monitor cases of loafing, calculate if more staff are needed to do the job, and reduce overtime, a key expense at peak times.

Using the GPS data, each driver will know the most efficient, quickest route to use at any time of day. Fuel consumption is reduced, as well as wear and tear on vehicles.

Installing cumbersome, expensive electronics isn’t necessary. Simply using a company-issues smartphone, with its minimal learning curve, is all that is needed.

#3. Figure out what is working.

Managers can plan workflow, allocate vehicles and resources and oversee the workload using the features offered by GPS. They can us the data to analyze what works and what doesn’t.

Information is readily accessible, including the metrics of each route, each delivery and each truck. Managers can track the behavior of personnel and the efficiency of current methods. Specific metrics include daily logs, stamps that show exact delivery time, time necessary for each phase of the job and route records.

#4. Reduce fuel costs.

Using the most efficient route even during rush hour means your vehicles use less fuel, one of the biggest expenses for any fleet manager. More savings comes from the fact that owners can make optimal use of the vehicles they already own, reducing the number of new ones they need to buy. And each truck is used to best advantage, reducing the amount of wear and tear. This means less expensive repair and replacement costs.

#5. Keep customers happy.

Since dispatchers can make adjustments to deliveries in real time, they can provide better service to customers. Even if changes are requested on the day of delivery, it is easy to accommodate them. Optimal route planning means deliveries are made more quickly. Happier customers mean better retention and more referrals.

Remember, you cannot measure, what you aren’t monitoring. LiveView GPS has GPS fleet tracking and monitoring solutions to enable you to realized the above five fleet route planning benefits and more.



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