5 Advantages of GPS Tracking for Parents

16 Nov 2016

Parents have tough jobs today when it comes to keeping kids safe and protected in a world of endless distractions and potential dangers. GPS tracking may not be able to shield children, and their parents, from all the worries of the world, but it does have a few distinct advantages, including the five listed below.

1) Locating a Lost Child in a Crowd

We’ve all been there. You get distracted for a split second by the business of what’s going on around you, other people, or even your other children, and lose sight of your child. That heart stopping moment allows all your fears to come to life in vivid imagery in your mind – confirm all your deepest fear – until you are able to locate your missing child. GPS tracking for children allows you to know, in an instant, that your child is nearby so you can locate your child quickly.

2) GPS Tracking for Teen Drivers

Parents of teens have a different worry. Especially if their teens are driving or are on the road with other teens who are. GPS teen tracking allows you monitor your teen’s location so you can be sure your teen is where he or she is supposed to be. It also helps if your teen is in an accident, to direct emergency services to their exact coordinates and to know you’re going to the right place to help as well. T

eens can easily become confused in the aftermath of an accident and be unable to offer their exact locations. GPS tracking eliminates that problem so help can arrive in a timely manner. Some GPS tracking monitors for teens can even let you know if your teen goes outside the boundaries you establish through text messages or email, letting you know that your teens are not at places they should not be.

3) Monitor Children with Developmental or Behavioral Issues

Children who have conditions like autism are prone to wander off. Children with ADHD are prone to forget where they are or where they’re supposed to be for hours on end. Both can cause serious problems that leave parents frustrated and at a loss for how to address the problem and keep their children safely within boundaries while providing them some degree of independence. It’s a difficult balancing act. GPS tracking allows you to monitor your children even when they aren’t within sight so that you know where they are and can locate them quickly when needed.

4) Track Children in the Event of an Abduction

For many parents, the idea of GPS tracking for kids comes down to this one fear. It’s something no parent wants to complicate and the first thought you have when your child is five or ten minutes late for anything.

There are many different types of GPS tracking systems available for children today, some designed specifically for this purpose. They will notify you anytime something happens within certain parameters. Some will even notify you instantly if they are removed. This may not prevent all child abductions, but it will make some children less attractive targets and offers an exact starting point if an abduction occurs, which can save critical hours in the investigation.

5) GPS Tracking for School Buses

Real-time GPS tracking for school buses can mean peace of mind for parents and ensure that children arrive at school and home safely every day. Parents can know where school buses are at all times in the morning so children do not need to wait outside in wind, rain, fog, sleet, and snow waiting on a bus they may have missed or that is well behind schedule. In the afternoon, you can track the bus to know when you should expect your child home after school.

When you hear about bus accidents in the news, you can quickly check to see if your child’s bus is the one affected (and precisely where the accident occurred) without inundating the school system with phone calls and queries.

GPS is more than a system of finding directions to chosen destinations. GPS tracking can provide peace of mind, security, and be used as a tool to help teach children and teens important lessons about responsibility.

If you are a parent and considering GPS tracking for children, please give us a call at LiveView GPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more.



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