4 Ways Police Departments Can Use GPS Tracking

24 Aug 2016

GPS tracking systems benefits police departments that are trying to improve service quality and reduce expenses. This technology offers individual units and headquarters real-time data, resulting in more effective and efficient police work.

Police can use GPS technology in many ways in their everyday work.  Below are four ways GPS tracking can be used by police departments.

Manage a Police Force

Law enforcement can better serve their local communities through the use of modern technology. Data from GPS tracking devices can show which police cars are closer to crime scenes and help to keep officers in their assigned zones.

GPS provides updated traffic information and directions, which helps officers get to an emergency or crime scene sooner. Wait times can be significantly reduced as well.

GPS tracking makes managing large police forces easier. Every squad car can be tracked and the department head can keep tabs on officers to ensure they are not taking unauthorized breaks and are staying on the job. If officers go missing on the job, GPS tracking can help find them. This ensures everyone’s safety in the police department. All information is real-time. You don’t have to rely on data that is an hour old.

Locate Criminals

GPS tracking systems are also helpful in fighting against crime. In fact, the Redlands Police Department in California made 140 successful arrests thanks to GPS. These arrests were for crimes like car theft, armed robbery, bike theft, laptop theft, commercial burglary, cemetery theft and metal theft.

Gather Evidence and Log for Prosecution

All data stored in the GPS trackers can be accessed easily. Police officers are able to log in information in the device so it can be retrieved later. Having this information at their fingertips has helped in activities that resulted in convictions in the courtroom.

Track Paroled Inmates

Often paroled inmates are released and have to wear a GPS bracelet. Officers enter the coordinates into the device of where the paroled inmate can go. If the paroled inmate goes to a place that is not listed in the device, GPS alerts the officers of this breach of parole terms. Law enforcement can keep track and monitor paroled inmates a lot easier with GPS instead of having to designate a parole officer to be physically present.

It is clear that GPS tracking helps police departments do their work more effectively and efficiently. Police departments are now able to better manage their own force, gather and log in evidence and make arrests.

If you are a police chief or other agency officer interested in improving the service of your law enforcement agency, give us a call here at LiveView GPS at 1-888-544-0494 to about the benefits of GPS tracking for your organization.



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