4 Ways to Optimize Fleet Maintenance

25 Feb 2015

Keeping your fleet of vehicles in excellent condition saves money, improves productivity, and keeps your drivers and customers happy. The most basic step is to set up a schedule of preventive maintenance and the easiest way to do this is with the use of GPS fleet maintenance software.

Here are four key ways you can optimize your maintenance efforts.

Way #1. Reduce the amount of driving.

Less driving means less wear and tear. This translates into fewer dollars spent on repairs and labor costs. The vehicle will last longer, so it needs replacement at longer intervals.

The best way to minimize the amount of driving needed is by using GPS fleet management software. It helps by:

  • Providing accurate directions for drivers, reducing extra miles because a driver gets lost
  • Routing vehicles in the most efficient manner. This helps the driver plan his trip to avoid roadwork delays, commuter traffic and accident slowdowns.
  • Monitoring unauthorized use of the vehicle. If it is out on the street outside normal hours, you get a report that helps you identify cases of using the vehicle to run personal errands on company time or driving the vehicle home for lunch. Tracking the use of a vehicle after hours also helps to reduce the chance of theft.
  • Analyzing driving patterns, which helps to limit unnecessary use of the vehicle.

Way #2. Track emission levels.

If the emissions on a truck are consistently high, it means the engine needs work. The sooner the problem is fixed, the less expensive it will be. Fleet managers who use a diagnostics-based system to spot engine problems report lower overall vehicle costs for maintenance.

At the same time, you can track idle time, a prime cause of wasted fuel. It causes wear on the engine and increases the cost of maintenance. By monitoring idle times, you can set thresholds that pinpoint vehicles with excessive amounts. You can set overall goals for drivers and teach them how to reduce their idle levels.

Way #3. Use automatic reminders for maintenance.

With fleet maintenance software, you can set up reminders for oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotation, brake checks and other standard upkeep.

The software automatically optimizes the schedule to reduce driver downtime. Diagnostic alerts let you fix problems early, avoiding a vehicle breakdown with all its attendant frustrations.

Way #4. Better accounting.

You get regular reports on each vehicle, letting you get a comprehensive overview of the condition of each truck. And it is done electronically so you aren’t awash in paperwork.

The reports also accurately track labor and repair work done, so you avoid duplication. You save money by keeping a firm handle on the work done for each vehicle. Many software programs let you create purchase orders and track payments.

GPS fleet tracking is the ultimate fleet management and maintenance system. Call us today toll free at 1-888-544-0494 for a demo. In as little as 5 minutes, we can demonstrate what the system can do for you, your drivers, and your fleet.

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