10 Fleet Fuel Savings Tips

27 Sep 2018

Saving money for your fleet is a top priority. These 10 fleet fuel saving tips are sure to help.

  1. Stop idling. In fact, make it a policy for your entire fleet. Not only will it save serious cash, but also help to save the planet.
  2. Keep your tires properly inflated. Tire pressure that’s too low can cost your fleet big. Make tire pressure checks part of your normal routine.
  3. Switch to more fuel-efficient vehicles for your fleet. Whether your fleet utilizes cargo vans, midsize vehicles, large trucks, or tractor-trailers, it is almost always possible to find more fuel-efficient options.
  4. Create policies to discourage and discipline aggressive driving tactics among your drivers. This includes things like speeding, hard braking, weaving in and out of traffic, fast acceleration, and tailgating.
  5. Use GPS fleet tracking. Not only can it help you monitor idling and driving behaviors of your drivers. It can also help you plan more fuel-efficient routes for your drivers to take.
  6. Get rid of unnecessary weight in your fleet vehicles. While trucks have to carry their cargo, there are other things in the vehicles that could be weighing things down, requiring your fleet vehicles to work harder and consume more fuel to carry their loads.
  7. Practice proper maintenance of your vehicles. When vehicles are properly maintained they don’t have to work as hard. This requires less fuel and saves your fleet money.
  8. Discourage drivers from visiting drive-thru windows in fleet vehicles. There are a lot of drive-thru windows we take for granted including banks, restaurants, and even dry cleaning services. These windows become magnets for idling vehicles and waste incredible amounts of fuel.
  9. Clean your air filter. While some might consider this part of routine maintenance, you might want to keep your air filters even cleaner than typical maintenance required. Clogged air filters can impair fuel efficiency as much as 10 percent in some vehicles making it an essential tool for cutting fuel costs.
  10. Anticipate traffic flow when scheduling routes. Try to hit larger cities or congested areas during hours when traffic is flowing smoothly avoiding unnecessary idling and the strain of stop and go traffic.

These ten simple tips can help you cut fueling costs for your fleet vehicles saving your organization large piles of money over the course of a year. In addition, many of them will help you create a safer fleet with fewer accidents, injuries, and absent employees. It’s a win for everyone.

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