10 Benefits of GPS Tracking for Driver Education Schools

14 Oct 2020

These days you’ll find GPS trackers in just about all devices including watches, smartphones, fleet, school buses and many others. Because of the benefits that accrue, Driver Ed schools have begun integrating GPS tracking systems into their vehicles.  Here are 10 benefits of Driver Education GPS tracking solutions.

 Tracks the Students

GPS trackers can benefit students too because they can enhance their safety. In case of emergencies, students can be tracked and rescued. Both parents and the school can easily track the student’s location every step of the way.

  1. Avoid Lawsuits

Driver Ed schools tracking devices can decrease the chances of lawsuits due to accidents over breaking traffic laws and speeding. GPS trackers save data and record the cause of the accident. The data obtained from these systems can help in court and insurance.

  1. Location Monitoring

GPS tracking for Driver Education can assist with real-time location monitoring of the students, instructors and vehicles. The management can track students in real-time for safety and various other functionalities. They also can know if the instructor is following the safe driving routes proposed.

  1. Helps Log Trips

GPS tracking can work as a driver’s training tool. It can also ensure students are remaining safe behind the wheel. A lot of parents are using apps to log trips easily and track their child’s supervised driving time.

  1. Tracks Behavior

While your teen will likely not do these types of things with an instructor sitting next to them,  GPS tracking for Drivers Ed will track:

  • Phone use while driving
  • Speeding
  • Texting
  • Aggressive handling

It can track all other types of driving downfalls that could compromise your teens’ safety. Driver Education companies can also use GPS tracking to help rank drivers and turn driving into friendly competition.

  1. Track Reckless Driving

Instructor and student safety will be realized as well through tracking systems as notifications can be sent in real-time in case of reckless driving. Each time there’s harsh driving habits, sudden breaking or over speeding, the system will send real-time notifications. Management is informed as well if there’s any student injury.

  1. Track Instructors’ Off Hour Use

Management can track any off hour usage of vehicles by instructors to ensure they don’t use company vehicles after hours. Sometimes, instructors might try and use company vehicles after hours for their own good and this can increase risk of accidents and increase operational costs.

  1. Works Like an Anti-Theft Device

GPS tracking can also act as an anti-theft device for Driver Education vehicles when not in use and could help keep insurance rates down.

  1. Comes with a S.O.S. Alert

GPS tracking can also come with an S.O.S button that the instructor or student can press when there’s any situation of distress. After they press this button, the tracking system sends real-time alerts to the authorities who will be able to provide assistance.

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