LiveViewGPS Introduces new ALL Satellite GPS Tracker SmartOneC

Valencia, California. March 07, 2016. LiveViewGPS, a Globalstar (NYSE MKT: GSAT) value added reseller, has added a new GPS Service to its innovative product portfolio with the Satellite Managed Asset Ready Tracker (SmartOne).

The Globalstar SmartOne C is an easy-to-use tracking solution for powered, non-powered, fixed and mobile assets that can be deployed anywhere in the world. The unit can be line-powered or it can operate with internal batteries . The SmartOne C uses 4 AAA 1.5v lithium batteries meaning that there is no requirement to spend extra money on expensive proprietary replacement batteries.

The SmartOne C can be programmed to report its location at regular intervals, which can be set by the user. For example, when the SmartOne C is in Standard Messaging Mode, it is possible to configure the internal motion sensor to transmit its position at specifically set time intervals when the device is in motion.

When the device is not in motion, it can be configured to report its location every 24 hours. If the device should go into motion at any time of the day, the message interval would be every 2 hours unless this time period is specifically set by the user.

It is also possible to operate the unit in Reduced Messaging Mode to extend the battery life. This mode relies on reducing messages sent when the asset is in the same location and hasn't moved.

George Karonis, CEO of LiveView GPS said , “The SmartOne C is an incredible GPS asset tracker. It's the smallest satellite-based asset tracker we’re aware of. The SmartOne C is easy to deploy, and can provide world-wide tracking. It can be used by business organizations large and small that are looking to increase operational efficiency as well as maintain asset location visibility.”

The SmartOne C operates on the Globalstar satellite network, the newest mobile satellite network available. The network is comprised of Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites that orbit the Earth constantly, completing their orbits in under 2 hours. Because of this timeframe, the SmartOne C will be able to contact at least 1 satellite during every transmission. LEO communication networks minimize the shading effect that affects geostationary satellite systems by enabling the satellites to constantly change their position relative to the transmitter on Earth. Geostationary satellites are also much higher in the sky and travel along the equator, which makes them more difficult to contact.

The SmartOne C is now available from the LiveView GPS tracking website, where you can also read more about the product details and specifications.