LiveViewGPS Launches Live Trac Mobile GPS Tracking Program for iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry Devices


VALENCIA, Calif., June 21, 2012—LiveViewGPS, the GPS tracking experts for business, government and individuals, today launched its Live Trac Mobile Tracking Program at http://mobile.liveviewgps.com, which supports any mobile device with an HTML5-compatible web browser. Currently, the program works with more than 180 mobile devices and the service is free to all Live Trac Series GPS customers.

Users can track any vehicle or mobile device equipped with Live Trac Series GPS to track multiple vehicles in real time, track routes and speeds of all vehicles, record start and end times of employee shifts, and more. The system works for small to large fleets and can be installed on personal vehicles to track teen drivers, elderly drivers and other family members.

“We live in an increasingly mobile society,” explained George Karonis, CEO of LiveViewGPS. “Fleet owners want a bird’s-eye view to track all vehicles and reroute them when necessary to avoid traffic congestions and accidents or to give directions if drivers are lost. With our new mobile GPS platform owners can accomplish this anytime from anywhere to increase efficiency and productivity.”

The Live Trac Mobile Tracking Program operates on LiveViewGPS’ new Live Trac Platform, a next-generation, real-time vehicle tracking system offering 1-, 5- and 10-second vehicle tracking capabilities on highly sensitive receivers. The platform features reliable 99.9 percent server uptime and requires no software to install. System updates are free, and live support is built into the platform.

Live Trac Mobile Tracking users log on via their web-enabled device and, once connected, can track multiple vehicles in real time on a high-resolution satellite map. Map options include setting map type (auto, aerial, road and bird’s eye) plus showing options and navigation controls. Settings allow users to choose the map refresh rate, set geofencing (zones), find addresses and see aerial or road maps

Live Trac GPS vehicle trackers supported by the new program include the Live Trac PT10, PT GPS Tracker, RTV5 vehicle tracker, Professional GPS Tracker and the Live Trac RTV10 Nav Tracker.

Popular mobile device platforms include iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Dedicated iOS and Android applications are native apps that use Google Maps instead of the Microsoft Virtual Earth for Map System.

About LiveViewGPS

Located in Southern California, LiveViewGPS is a location-based service (LBS) company that provides wireless location products and services for Fortune 100 companies; small businesses; federal, state and local government agencies; law enforcement and family safety. Its GPS tracking devices include vehicle and fleet-tracking systems, asset trackers, trailer tracking systems, surveillance monitoring tools, people tracking devices and GPS asset protection equipment. Products are backed by knowledgeable sales and technical representatives to ensure users purchase the right systems that will work flawlessly. For more information, for a free demo or to place an order, visit www.liveviewGPS.com or telephone 888-544-0494.