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November 9, 2010 - Every business owner is concerned with how company assets are being utilized, but effectively monitoring all of your valuable resources can be an intimidating objective. GPS fleet tracking can be very beneficial for businesses with company vehicles, and by answering the following questions you should reveal whether or not GPS fleet tracking is right for you. You will also see that this investment can add huge savings to your bottom-line.

  1. Do you want to know exactly where your company vehicles are 24 hours a day/7 days a week?
  2. Do you want to save on fuel consumption?
  3. Would you like to be notified when the driver of your vehicle exceeds the set speed threshold?
  4. Do you want to fully trust your employee’s time sheets?
  5. Would you like to know when your vehicle is being operated unsafely?
  6. Do you want your property back in the case of theft?
  7. Do you want to help protect the integrity of your employees?

Chances are you answered “yes” to all seven questions, which means you want your employees to have the same work ethics as you. But you have to understand that your employees are also human. We all make mistakes like going over the speed limit or running late for work, but it’s important to maintain an open and honest manager/employee communication untainted by inaccurate information. Automated GPS fleet tracking can completely remove any temptation your employees may have to exaggerate their time sheets or use your vehicle for unauthorized purposes, and can really protect the integrity of your staff. While vehicle tracking improves the overall performance of your business, you will also see more happy customers as their service or product is delivered more efficiently.

GPS fleet tracking can provide all the information you need about your company fleet with the click of a mouse. You can instantly locate your assets from your computer screen or, if you choose, you can have alerts sent directly to your cellular phone. By monitoring speeds, driving styles, and idle times, vehicle tracking devices can save you hundreds of dollars a month per vehicle just on fuel—not to mention the increased safety of responsible driving.

If you are like most business owners, keeping tabs on all of your company assets seems like a daunting and almost impossible task. But with a GPS fleet tracking system it’s like a virtual manager rides shotgun throughout every shift, making sure everything stays honest. Choosing to install GPS vehicle tracking devices is a great choice for taking the guesswork out of keeping your employees and property safe, reducing hidden costs, and increasing productivity. The best part, most companies experience an immediate return on investment after installing fleet tracking equipment. So if you answered “yes” to the seven questions above, then GPS fleet tracking is an invaluable option for effectively protecting your company vehicles and their drivers.

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