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June 1, 2010 - GPS tracking has become one of the most innovative aspects of technology in 2010.  Not only are consumers relying on its assistance in finding their way around a strange city, but it also has reached such an advanced level that it can now provide peace of mind on behalf of consumers.  GPS devices allow consumers to track their most precious possessions from their children to their vehicles and lap tops.

GPS technology works by using the Global Positioning Satellite System, a digital cellular network and the internet.  The Global Positioning Satellite system is a network of 24 satellites circling the earth. These satellites then transmit location data back to earth on an uninterrupted basis. GPS system devices are set up to receive this location information and then the data is transmitted using a digital cellular network via the internet to GPS system servers where the information can be viewed anywhere in the world.

Regardless of whether consumer needs are commercial based, personal or business related, there are cost effective GPS tracking solutions available. GPS tracking, GPS monitoring and management for vehicles, assets, equipment, property and persons allow consumers to know where their most valuable assets are at any time.  GPS systems allow consumers to locate in live and in real-time their vehicles, people and property from any web based computer and should be considered priceless in the sentimental consumer’s eyes.

GPS technology has advanced to the stage of live position based dispatching for law enforcement and emergency services, GPS vehicle tracking, GPS personal tracking, GPS tracking kids, GPS teen tracking, GPS elderly locator and auto theft recovery.  The beauty behind the concept of GPS tracking is that it eliminates some of the distress, worry, concern and responsibility associated with loved ones and material possessions.  Parents can know where their kids are located and why they are not home in time for dinner or where their newly licensed teenager is traveling to.  Business owners can also keep tabs on their employees if they are instilled with the responsibility of a company car.

Fleet tracking is a very beneficial way for bosses to keep tabs on their employees when they are using a company vehicle.  Thanks to GPS technology, employers can now know where vehicles and drivers locations are at any given time, when employees arrive at a jobsite or delivery location, what time employees start and end their shifts, how long they took for lunch and how long they were stopped at a particular location.  This program also monitors the speed of a vehicle.

In the unfortunate incident where a personal means of transportation is stolen, users will be able to view their vehicle’s exact location via vehicle tracking to see their vehicle’s speed and direction of travel.  The user can also know exactly where their devices are 24/7.  Furthermore, consumers will be able to disable their vehicles starter, lock and unlock their vehicles doors and remotely start their vehicles using GPS System applications.

GPS tracking devices keep the world viewed in real time and is available to anyone who is interested in gaining his or her own personal surveillance system.  As mentioned, the GPS concept allows consumers to be a little more relaxed when their material possessions are out of sight and out of reach.  The ambiguity that kept individuals on the edge of their seats years ago has become obsolete with the development of GPS Systems.

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LiveViewGPS, Inc. provides wireless location products and services for small and large businesses, law enforcement, and family safety.  Some of their services include vehicle tracking and fleet tracking from iPhone applications. Their clients include numerous Federal, State and local government agencies, Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, as well as numerous privately held companies throughout the United States and abroad.