GPS Software Gives Shuttle Riders Real-Time Updates Via Smartphone

Valencia, California. April 01, 2015. It’s a scenario with which many frequent air travelers are familiar: Exit the airport terminal and wait curbside for a shuttle to the rental car terminal. This year, LiveViewGPS is doing its part to ensure travelers have a little less stress while they’re waiting.

In 2015, the Valencia-based GPS tracking software company is ramping up its efforts to provide shuttle services with its Public View capabilities. For example, the feature allows travelers to check the location of their shuttle in almost real time with a smartphone application.

“No other company is doing this with the ease that we are,” LiveViewGPS CEO George Karonis said. “It’s an application of our technology that’s not simply about efficiency, but improving quality of life.”

Karonis said LiveViewGPS trackers have been installed on several rental agency shuttle buses at San Antonio International Airport and have proven very helpful for travelers.

LiveViewGPS’s trackers utilize web-based GPS tracking software that features either a 10-second or 5-second refresh rate. Once installed in vehicles, the trackers can be set to include alerts for idling, speeding and even routine maintenance. In addition to public view capabilities, the system allows the vehicle owner to keep close tabs on vehicle location and provide thorough reporting to clients when needed.

It’s not only airports, however, that have benefited from the real-time capabilities of LiveViewGPS trackers.

Located near Pittsburgh, Seton Hill University is a small college of about 2,500 students. The school faces a problem common to many smaller colleges: Limited parking. Their solution has been to employ a pair of shuttle buses that transport students, staff and faculty to and from parking lots and points on campus, as well as locations in the downtown Greensburg area.

However, even after introducing shuttles, Seton Hill found that people would complain about delays. That changed after the school installed LiveViewGPS trackers on the buses, with riders able to check shuttle locations on a smartphone app.

“Using the Live Trac system really helps make everyone’s daily trips back and forth between their vehicle and the classroom or office much less stressful,” said Benn Linger Director of Cloud and Application Development. “Their software allows us insight into exactly where our vehicles are.”

Karonis said another well-received application of LiveViewGPS technology and its public view capabilities has been at a nuclear power plan that provides shuttle service for its approximately 2,000 employees.

“Whether they’re starting a daily commute, or traveling, people value transportation that’s on time. Our technology helps ensure increased efficiency as well as giving transit riders a real-time look at where their ride is,” Karonis said.

He added that as technology becomes less expensive, the barrier to incorporating it poses less of a hurdle. For example, a LiveViewGPS system that just a few years ago cost $400 can now be had for an investment of less than $250.

“As technology improves, the playing field is leveled,” Karonis said. “Whether the client is a small college or a large corporation, everyone has access to technology that can have a positive impact.”