LiveViewGPS Saves Companies Money By Putting The Brakes on Idlin

Valencia, California. March 10, 2015. Sometimes it can seem as though the cost of fuel keeps going up, and for companies with large fleets of vehicles that can be a costly situation. That’s just one of the reasons LiveViewGPS continues to improve its GPS tracker technology, with the addition for 2015 of new idling alerts that allow companies to trim wasteful spending.

“Every hour of idling uses about a gallon of fuel. Particularly for companies with sizable fleets, that can contribute to constantly high fuel bills and increased operating costs,” said George Karonis, CEO and founder of LiveViewGPS. “Even a company with a fleet as small as five vehicles could face additional costs of about $7,000 annually for just one hour of idling per day.”

There are a variety of vehicles that frequently idle, including light-duty vehicles such as taxis, police cruisers and light trucks; medium-duty vehicles like delivery trucks and shuttle buses; and heavy-duty vehicles including long-haul trucks and school buses. While for some vehicles idling may sometimes be unavoidable, unnecessary idling can occur during the course of pickups or deliveries, in parking lots or at railroad crossings. LiveViewGPS’ idling alerts were implemented on the Live Trac GPS tracking systems at the start of this year.

LiveViewGPS trackers utilize web-based GPS tracking software that features either a 10-second or 5-second refresh rate. Once installed in vehicles, the trackers can be set to include alerts for idling, speeding and even routine maintenance. The result is a system allowing a fleet owner to keep close tabs on vehicles and provide thorough reporting to clients when needed.

“The addition of idling alerts creates so much great potential for LiveViewGPS users,” Karonis said. “It allows a fleet owner to determine exactly where and how they are losing money, and take corrective action. Features such as this really help drive home that buying a LiveViewGPS system is an investment rather than simply an expense.”

It’s not only idling alerts that are making a difference for LiveViewGPS clients. Users have also found benefits in its enhanced route mapping features.

Based in Orange, Calif., RueVac Property Services has a fleet of parking lot sweepers that clean nearly 150 properties nightly. The company started using GPS technology as early as 2001, but found multiple limitations when it came to reporting on service delivered, with disparities between GPS records and what vehicle drivers reported.

“Switching to LiveViewGPS was a game changer,” RueVac Vice President Aaron Lyons said. “We have a closer look on exactly where our fleet is, and when, which enables us to provide much more thorough reports to our clients if they have a question about service.”

RueVac is just one of LiveViewGPS’ clients that has also found success with its enhanced mapping introduced at the end of 2014. Rather than showing a fleet’s location using a circular radius on a general map area, the company’s GPS tracking software allows users to use a polygonal map and drag the radius boundaries around a much more pinpointed area. Another feature new for 2015 is a Zone Alarm Alert system, which has been helpful for companies such as RueVac. If the GPS tracker enters a certain zone and remains there longer than a certain set time period, it will set off an alert notification for RueVac.

“Companies like RueVac use our polygonal mapping to really zero in on their fleet and see when they’re entering or exiting specific areas,” Karonis said. “It’s an additional layer of detail that both companies and their clients value.”

LiveViewGPS has also just released a new feature called Live Trac phone alerts, featuring team surveillance. The new feature allows logged-in users to see their location on the LiveViewGPS app map, as well as other team members who are logged in.

Karonis said the multiple features LiveViewGPS’ technology offers are all part of ensuring a great customer experience.

“We’re not necessarily the biggest company out there but we are very quick to react,” he said. “Everything we do is focused on the customer. We want to both keep the customer happy and keep them in the loop of how our services are benefiting them.”